Three thing Tuesday.

For a fun twist on the usual Tuesday ramblings I thought I would write a
“three thing Tuesday” post… a look at my life lately in three’s!

Three songs I am addicted to right now:

  1. Home Alone Tonight” by Luke Bryan
  2. Nobody to Blame” by Chris Stapleton
  3. Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett


Three foods I can’t get enough of:

  1. Sparkling berry Dasani water… yup, still addicted.
  2. Egg noodles, I really don’t know why.
  3. Cabbage. Cabbage steaks are the bomb dot com.


Three things that I was proud of yesterday:

  1. I WENT SWIMMING. For the first time in months I swam lengths yesterday morning.
  2. My killer spin class last night… sorry participants, you might be sore!
  3. I didn’t get a parking ticket and actually parked in a proper transit parking stall.

Three events I’m excited for:

  1. My school health conference this weekend in Kananaskis.
  2. My trip to Montreal in a week and a half.
  3. A potential trip to Calgary at the end of the month with one of my good friends.


Three things I’ve been doing in my spare time:

  1. Reading ‘White Heat’ by M.J. McGrath.
  2. Watching episodes of Seinfeld. How have I never watched this show before?
  3. Listening to the “Katie Nolan: Garbage Time” podcast.


Three strength exercises I love in the gym:

  1. Shoulder press.
  2. Glute cable kickbacks.
  3. Leg press.

Three things I’m wishing for right now:

  1. One of my best friends and I were talking about doing a multi-day hike in Iceland yesterday so I am wishing for all of that talk to become real definite plans.
  2. My car will be magically cleaned overnight one of these days because the constant melting and freezing of roads in Alberta has made it a hot mess.
  3. My swimming motivation will continue and I will go again in the next few days.


What are YOU up to? Tell me three things currently happening in your life!


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