Tunes for your Tuesday.

Last night I taught TWO hour-long spin classes back to back. I also did 60 minutes of leg and shoulder strength training in the morning. HOLY HELL. If I can walk today it will be a new year’s miracle (when is it too late to keep saying “new years”?). I don’t know if I have ever done two spin classes (full-on, two hours of cycling) in a row before but it actually went really well. Thank you adrenaline and endorphins!

A few of the songs on my continuously evolving playlist that I LOVE right now are…

“Better when I’m dancing” by Meghan Trainor.

“Wrecking Ball (Caked Up Remix)” by Miley Cyrus.

“Roses ft. ROZES” by The Chainsmokers.

My classes both KILLED IT and I had such a blast teaching them. The first class I was just subbing but the later class is going to be my regular class for the next 10 weeks and they are so much fun! It’s a nice small group but enough people that the energy is awesome. I am so excited for Monday nights now! When I got home from spin I was super thirsty and hungry so I grabbed a dark cherry sparkling water and made toast with goat cheese, banana, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts. YUM.


I went with a very “casual Monday” style yesterday. I had plenty of time to get ready but instead of being pretty I decided to watch an extra episode of Seinfeld, throw on some cabin socks, leggings, and a baggy plaid shirt and call it “Canadian casual.” I absolutely LOVE the Roots cabin socks my brother got me for Christmas, they are so comfy!


It is pretty much guaranteed that at some point throughout the day my hair will go from being down to thrown up in a bun. Factors that determine when this point in the day is are how my hair dries, how frustrated I am with whatever I’m working on at school, and how hot it is in my office. Cute, I know.

hair in bun

I will probably be doing a less intense workout today after THREE hours of exercise yesterday. I was genuinely shocked at how much energy I had for my second class but I just had so much adrenaline from the first one that it just kept going into my next one. I hope I didn’t scare too many people away because it was a TOUGH class! I love teaching spin so much!

What is your go-to hair style?

Tell me something random about your day yesterday!


  1. That toast combo sounds delicious!

    My go-to hair style is a few is washed the night before hair + flat iron curls, dry shampoo and pray for the best. My hair is in a weird phase right now – I can’t decide if I should chop it again or keep growing it out a little. I haven’t cut or colored it in a year and it’s looking horrible. hahaha

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