Weekend Conference in Kananaskis.

I am heading home today from an incredible weekend in Kananaskis. You know it was a good weekend when you feel like you need another weekend to recover! I attended and presented at the Shaping the Future 2016 Conference, a gathering of educators and health professionals to talk about creating healthy schools and healthy students. I had such a great time and definitely did some networking and befriending this weekend! I even somehow managed to secure a blind date back in Edmonton haha!

I apologize for the lighting in my hotel room but, look ma, no spandex!

conference outfits

After spending Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday at the Conference, I was happy to escape yesterday afternoon for a tiny adventure in the mountains and some quality reflection and relaxation time to myself. Networking and always being ON is exhausting but I am so glad I attended the conference! I don’t know if I have ever stayed in Kananaskis before so it was such a great opportunity to be in the mountains too!!


After the conference ended yesterday I changed out of my slightly more professional clothes and into fleece and spandex, grabbed my camera, and decided to take a short stroll up to Troll Falls to snap some shots. I debated grabbing my snowshoes for this “hike” but I didn’t really need them so left them off.


It was a perfect crisp day, just about 0 degrees Celsius, and I was just happy getting lots of fresh air and time outside. There were a few families on the trail but I took a detour back to make it a longer hike and didn’t see a soul. It is a great little hike and the falls look super cool mostly frozen over!


I wandered in the woods for about an hour or an hour and a half, then walked around my hotel (which has a few paths) for another while. I felt a little bit ‘trapped’ up in Kananaskis Village so I drove down to Canmore to roam the streets there, where I grabbed a coffee and read my book for a bit downtown.


It was a really good chance to reflect on the things I learned and the connections I made at the conference. I enjoyed three really awesome keynote speakers and we got so much information from both the keynotes and other presentations, it’s overwhelming to think about putting everything into practice. As I mentioned a few posts back, I will be job-hunting soon after my degree and seeing the incredible work these organizations are doing in public health and healthy schools was very inspiring and also gave me a lot to think about when it comes to the path I want to choose post-degree.


I had such a great time and am sad to be leaving Kananaskis, however upon returning home I have so many people to follow up with that I am excited to get back to school! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see more photos from the mountains!

How was your weekend?

What was the best thing you did this weekend?


  1. Looks like a great trip! And I agree, those events are definitely hard work! It’s very tiring forcing myself to be sociable and outgoing all day. Networking is a skill I know I need to work on. The hike looks gorgeous too.
    Best thing I did this weekend? Probably run an ultra on Saturday…that I only decided to run on Friday afternoon. hahaha. I’m finally starting to believe that I’m as crazy as you think I am.

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