What I read over the holidays.

Yesterday the day FLEW by and I felt like I did nothing at all. I guess that sums up about 78% of the weekends in my lifetime but still… how does that happen? I slept in until just before 8am, made protein pancakes with peanut butter for breakfast and watched episodes of Seinfeld while sipping coffee and then headed for a late morning workout. I went to barre class and then did a 60 minute rolling hill run at the gym (it was KILLER). On a completely non-fitness related note though… let’s talk about the books I read over the holidays.


I go through serious phases of being addicted to reading and then not looking at a book for weeks. It’s the university courses that get me because I hate ‘forced’ reading and inevitably that turns me off of reading all together! Over the holidays I had lots of time to relax and bury my face in a book for hours on end… #nerdalert

  1. Number Two by Jay Onrait. Don’t judge me. I am an avid listener of the Jay and Dan Podcast (again, don’t judge me) and I find their immature humour sometimes just the right amount of stupid to be funny. Full of useless yet hilarious tales from the world of a Canadian sports anchor living in America, Number Two was a mediocre sequel to Onrait’s first book, “Anchorboy.”


2. Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I may be the last person ever to have read this book but I finally did it. I really enjoyed it while at the same time wondering if I was really “getting it.” It was a somewhat easy read but things get murky in the carnivorous island and once I closed to book, finishing the last page, I kind of just thought, “WTF did I just read?”


3. Open Heart, Open Mind by Clara Hughes. I really didn’t know too much about Clara Hughes before reading this book except that she was a Canadian Olympic athlete who has won medals in both the summer and winter Olympic Games for cycling and speed skating respectively. I enjoyed the deep look into her troubled past and how each and every hurdle in her life was still overcome and led to greatness. It was a super quick read but a good book.


4. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I heard a lot about this book so when my mom got it for Christmas I knew I would be able to snap it up to read. I took it with me when I babysat my neighbours and five hours alone from when the kids went to bed to when their parents arrived home, I had finished the book from cover to cover. It was SO good, I really enjoyed the suspense and I’m slightly glad I read it all in one sitting because I really got to get into it!


Currently reading… “Heart like mine” by Amy Hatvany. I recently discovered GoodReads and now have a virtual book shelf that bases recommendations off of books I’ve previously read and rated. I have read virtually all of Jodi Picoult’s books (even though once you’ve read one you’ve kind of read them all) and this was a recommendation based on the dozens of hers I had under my “read” list.


I have found myself waking up from SUPER deep sleep lately and I think it’s because I have gotten back in the habit of reading a bit before I got to bed every night. Alternate title for this post: “NOT from the diary of a popular kid” HAHAHA.

What are YOU reading?

Favourite book of all time?

Kindle/ereader or actual page-turning hard copy of a book?


  1. Number Two wasn’t as good eh? That’s too bad. The first one was amazing!
    I can’t do the electronic book. Need the hard copy.
    I’m part way through a running book (I know, shocking) called Once a Runner. Pretty good so far.

  2. I loved Girl on the Train so much!! I picked up one of Gillian Flynn’s other books and I hope that I enjoy it as much.

    I actually have a recent reads post scheduled for this week too. Book nerds unite!

    Right now I’m reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler and holy smokes I am loving it. There was one passage (that I snapped last night) that really spoke to me and I’ve only just started. I can’t wait to finish it.

    Favourite book of all time is Night by Elie Weisel. I read it in high school, about a boy in the holocaust. It’s so short, less than 100 pages but it is by far the best thing I’ve ever read.

    I can’t do e-readers. I stare at a computer all day at work, plus blogging, etc. At the end of the day, I just want to hold and read a physical book.

  3. I totally just requested to be friends on goodreads – so glad you’ve joined, it’s one of my favourite apps after instagram! Haha #hugenerdalert

    I loved The Girl on the Train, although I found it a bit slow to get into. I felt much the same way when I read Life of Pi…I wasn’t sure if I was “getting” it either, so I was thankful that my best friend was reading it at the same time as me so we could discuss it as we went. Have you watched the movie yet? The movie is very well done! I’ve been curious about Clara Hughes’ book, but I don’t know anything about her, so I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to read or not.

    I’m currently reading Bird Box which is THE scariest book I have ever read in my entire life yet I can’t put it down. Although, I’m trying not to read it right before bed.

    I don’t have an e-reader but I do read books on my phone sometimes (from the library), but I much prefer a physical book.

  4. Oh I have to check out The Girl on the Train now! I definitely prefer an actual book, but I own a KOBO and I use that for traveling (it’s much easier to cart that around than cram books into my backpack) and also I use it when I x-train at the gym. Reading while on the elliptical saves me from utter boredom and helps the time pass!

    I’ve recently read a lot of athlete biographies: Rich Roll’s “Finding Ultra”, Chrissy Wellington’s “A Life Without Limits” and Amanda Beard’s “In the Water they can’t see you cry”. I loved all these books, the first two I listed though it’s interesting because it really made me realize how an elite athlete’s journey can be selfish or self-serving, something I struggle with. Oh, and have you read Andie Mitchell’s “It was me all along”?? Loved this one and she’s a blogger. (sorry, I’ll stop writing now #booknerdforthewin)

  5. Oh reading is my favorite thing ever! On my long flights home for the holidays I read two very different books: Down The Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison from Girls Next Door (sooooo terrible but also so much fun to read if you like reality TV!) and Do Your Om Thing by Rebecca Pacheco (really awesome and inspiring yoga book!). I have been trying to make more time for reading lately and I’m really appreciating how relaxed it makes me feel! I’ll have to try some of these recommendations out.

  6. Every good Canadian loves Jay and Dan! I read The Girl on the Train last year and I really liked it too. One of my favourites.

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