WIAW: A busy school day.

Dang son, it’s been a hot minute since I wrote a WIAW post! I had a lovely typical school day yesterday so this is definitely a usual day of eats for me. I worked out in the early early morning, came home to get ready for school, headed in to my office at school for about 7 hours, came back home for a nail appointment, dropped in to the Running Room to watch Shawn speak to the half marathon clinic and then came home for dinner. All in all a busy but productive day… more importantly though, here’s what I ate!


Breakfast: Protein pancake (egg whites, oats, flax, and cinnamon) topped with peanut butter. I ate about three strawberries until I decided winter is definitely NOT strawberry season and gave up on those. Oh, and coffee because duh. It was a Tuesday but it felt like it should be Friday. I worked up an appetite with 60 minutes of arm strength training (biceps, yo) and 30 minutes of stair intervals (there was actually sweat in my eyeballs).


Lunch: I either eat cheese and crackers or veggies and hummus for lunch… or both. Today was a veggie sticks and hummus day with black bean and kale chips. The chips were surprisingly spicy and I drank about 50oz of water with my lunch.


Snack: Plain greek yogurt with raisins and cinnamon and a pumpkin pie Quest bar. Quest bars have been the one thing that creeped back into my diet after the 14-day no sugar challenge and I don’t hate it. I drank a sparkling black cherry water throughout the afternoon while working away on my computer.


Dinner: I got home around 7:15pm and grilled up some tofu sticks to dip in mustard. While I was waiting for the tofu to cook I munched on a yellow pepper and then cut up a pear. Super random but when I get home and am starving I usually just grab something easy and filling. I am obsessed with this smoked tofu and not only is it delicious but it has no added sugar!


BOOM. A look at what Tuesday means for my stomach. I was on my computer all day long at school and when 4pm rolled around I was getting nauseous from the screen, it was awful! I usually get on a roll and don’t want to leave my papers and projects so I work through lunch and such and end up getting so sick from staring at the computer… I will never learn. I need to set an alarm for walk breaks or something while I’m at school!

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?

Do you eat out during the week at all or pack a lunch?


  1. I really enjoy that smoked tofu too. I usually put it in a brown rice wrap with some veggies and hummus and then toss it in a sandwich press for a few minutes.

    Canmore doesn’t have Dasani cherry water! It’s so sad! I want the cans.

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