Let’s make that run optional, mmkay?

I have lost all will power to wake up early and go for a long run. I used to have lots, I swear, but every weekend I now procrastinate, push the run to Sunday, make up a ton of excuses, or just don’t do it. It’s making me feel guilty and annoyed and a bunch of ridiculous emotions. I have officially changed my mindset for my weekend run to be “either Saturday or Sunday” so that I can take a rest day on whichever day I feel I need it most.


Yesterday, in order to meet my friend at noon at the Calgary zoo, I had to leave by 8:30, which meant if I were to get my intended distance in, I would be waking up at 5:30am. When my alarm when off my body and brain took a hard pass.


I slept another hour and a half, then showered and packed before making a protein pancake and hitting the road. If I write that I’m going to get my longer run done today because I missed it yesterday, there is a 56% increase in the chances of my doing it now that it’s on the internet. Of course, as soon as I grabbed my laptop yesterday and checked to see if any of my favourite YouTubers had released new videos, there was THIS one entitled, “Finding Motivation | When You’re Just Not Feeling It.” Of course.


I hope I’m not too sore from my FIRST BODYPUMP CLASS this morning to do a run later in the day. Also, I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of a fun weekend in Calgary with amazing bloggers!

What are you up to this weekend?

How do you motivate yourself for early workouts on the weekend?

Do you go through cycles of motivation?


  1. I definitely go through cycles of motivation, especially because I’m so limited with my home workouts. It’s so much harder to motivate yourself to workout in your living room every day. The past few weeks I’ve had zero motivation and the results showed with how sore I am after Pump hahaha.

  2. So I woke this morning with little desire to do ANY cardio.. let alone go for a run!
    Anyways, I sat down with my coffee, breakfast and read through your post …. I’m not long back from a 7-mile total run (4-miles then 3-miles because my 600-lb Life was on the treadmill tv).

    Thanks for motivating me on this -22C FREEZING Fort McMurray day!

  3. We’re human – it happens to the best of us! I find that having a training plan holds me accountable. There are weekends where I have to travel for work and getting my long-run in can be sketchy (…really I’m afraid I’ll bail on it after long working days or wanting to explore instead or bad weather) – so I’ll plan when I can get it done (evening, gym, etc) or do it on a friday occasionally. Sometimes I have to change the workout (i.e: I’ll just run mileage and skip intervals planned). I used to feel guilty about it – but, you do what you can in the moment. Move on. You still got up and rocked a protein pancake and not super-white-sugary-sweet pancakes amirite? #focusonthegoodthings

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