Momentum: that time I swam two weeks in a row.

I’M BACK. Two weeks in a row, Monday morning, I was in the pool swimming lanes. I don’t know why it takes SO MUCH convincing and self-motivation to get myself to the pool, especially when I WORK THERE, but it just does. I can always think of a million excuses to not swim which is why I hadn’t been swimming in months. Turns out last week wasn’t a fluke because once again, yesterday morning, I was back at it.

I did my strength workout at the gym, shoulders and legs for 60 minutes, and then hit up the pool for 40 minutes of swimming (2km). I know the lifeguards working Monday mornings so I’m hoping they hold me accountable to be there every week. Here is a rundown of my thought process at the pool…

Putting on my swimsuit and really wishing they made those girly cute pink suits with the skirt for adults. Mine is black and boring.


When you arrive at the pool to see very few people in the competition pool… even better when those few people are young attractive guys… but at 7am on a Monday morning there is about a 0.2% chance of that happening.


When you spot a lane with NO ONE in it.


When you start out too fast, pretending you are Michael Phelps, and have to catch your breath after one lap.


When you’ve only been swimming for 5 minutes and you wonder how long you have to stay in the pool for people not to judge the length of your “workout.”


When a random person tries to join you in your lane just as you were getting in the zone.


When people tell you that the best part of swimming is going in the hot tub. 


Walking out of the aquatic facility like you just swam the race of your life and potentially just qualified for the Olympics, even though you barely made a ripple in the water. 


I am stoked to go to Montreal this week and I am determined not to let it ruin my momentous workouts at the pool (HAHA) so I am going to try and get one more swim in before I leave because I won’t be able to make it next Monday. Once I get going in the pool it seems fine, I just get tired of listening to myself think and really wish I had an underwater iPod or something!

Do you swim as part of your fitness routine?

Do you just swim for leisure or do workouts in the pool?


  1. Haha!

    I love swimming, ONCE I’M THERE. It’s always such a massive production. Like, you’ve got to bring your swimsuit, have a towel, have a plan for showering after, have a change of clothes, do something with your wet hair, tote wet bathing suit home…it’s just a lot of work. But it feels oh soon gooooood.

  2. DWL!!!! I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!! Swimming is my “go-to” cross training and I have a love-hate relationship with it. But I’m training for Swim Miami (1 mile open water swim) in April so I’m forcing myself to stay focused.

  3. I wish there was a hot tub at the pool I’m currently swimming at. I also wish I had an underwater ipod because that would make the exhausting work a little easier…

  4. I rarely swim for part of my fitness routine. I probably like just playing in the pool more, but it is such a great workout. I’ve done a few triathlons, and well, let’s just say, I’m a VERY slow swimmer. That meme about spotting a lane with no-one in it? Yep, that’s me. 😀

  5. I find the beauty of the pool is that you don’t have to think! You just zone out and be in the moment. Water is incredible.

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