Montreal Trip: Part 1.

Bonjour from Montreal! I am having a fantastic time in Montreal with my dad and I promise I will try to keep my recaps short, but this city is just too beautiful I can’t help it! We were able to (finally) witness a Habs win at the Bell Centre yesterday and I can’t wait to hit up the second weekend game tonight! Here’s a look at the last few days in Montreal!



Thursday: At noon we flew out of Edmonton. It’s a four-hour direct flight through which I watched “The Intern” and half of “The Maze Runner; Scorch Trials” (but mostly with my eyes closed because it was scary). The Intern was super cute. Once we arrived in Montreal we took the bus into downtown and found the adorable apartment we are renting for the week. It is PERFECT and we are really enjoying the place!



Friday: We slept in a bit and then headed to Blackout Fitness, the closest gym, for a quick workout before we explored Montreal. I did 10 minutes of rower warm-up, 45 minutes of upper body, and then 10 minutes of running. It was a great way to start the day!


Around noon we took the train closer downtown and wandered through a few shops before meeting up for a local craft beer tour. It was about $70 (incl. tax) for each of us but it was 100% worth it. We had such a fun time – me and 13 other guys. We went to three different brew pubs with an incredibly knowledgable tour guide, tried six different beers, and had three different food pairings. It was SO FUN and really informative.



After the beer tour we went for wood oven pizza at a cute old Italian place. We walked a few kilometres back towards our apartment and decided to go for dessert at Cacao 70. OH DEAR LORD. I could have tried everything thing on the menu but after about a 20-minute wait for a table, my dad and I split a peanut butter and chocolate fondue that was AMAZING.


Saturday: We woke up and ate a bit of breakfast before layering up and heading into the beautiful snow for a walk around Mont Royal and then east to check out the oldest and most famous bagel shop in Montreal. We walked and wandered for close to four hours, fighting the iciest trails ever up Mont Royal and then through the snow to Fairmount Bagel, but the bagels were delicious and the fresh air was refreshing. It made for a wonderful morning!





After our adventures outside we came back to our place, showered up, threw on our jerseys, and headed to the Bell Centre to watch the Habs play the Edmonton Oilers. It was an AMAZING game, aka they won. 😉 A 5-1 victory and there was never a sound more beautiful than the goal song at the Bell Centre.


We went back to our place after the game, changed, and headed out for dinner. Our original plan was to go to Park Restaurant for sushi but unfortunately it was fully booked for the night so we headed down the street to another place where I had a delicious risotto and beet salad. I was a tad upset we couldn’t eat at Park Restaurant because PK Subban was dining there and it’s going to be ridiculously hard for him to fall in love with me if we can’t even dine in the same restaurant. 😉

Stay tuned for more Montreal fun!


  1. You’re hilarious – that last line haha. Beautiful pictures, the east is altogether different than the west I find. Love that you and your Dad are so close!

  2. This sounds like such a great weekend! I love getaways to Montreal! My sister and her husband were at that game yesterday too 🙂

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