Montreal Trip: Part 3.

Bonjour from Quebec City! My dad and I rented a car yesterday morning (to be honest: my dad walked over and got the car while I slept in and got ready for the day) to drive to Quebec City. We originally planned to only stay in Montreal but with Quebec so close, we thought while we were here we should explore this city too!


We left for Quebec at about 9am, taking close to 3 hours to drive there from downtown Montreal. We arrived around noon and checked into the Fairmont Le Chateau-Frontenac. Don’t think we’re that classy, my dad gets a great rate at the Fairmont hotels. 😉 Once we dropped off our luggage we headed for soup and sandwiches for lunch nearby. The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering the quaint and adorable streets of Old Quebec. It is insanely cute here, however the bitter cold winds made it a bit of a battle to stay outdoors and wander.




We popped in and out of shops in Old Quebec, stopping for coffee and treats at La Maison Smith mid-afternoon. I had quite possibly the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookie on this planet paired with a delicious cup of dark roast. We sat near the window and people-watched for a bit while we warmed our hands and bodies with laughter and good food and drink.



After a little more wandering, we changed into our workout gear and hit up the hotel gym for a solid workout. I have reeeeeally missed my usual workouts while travelling so it was awesome to get my usual leg and shoulder day done. I also did 30 minutes of hill walking on the treadmill to get some cardio in. I know you’re thinking, ‘Ugh, walking? Try some intense cardio’ but if you have ever done 15% incline hills, you would know it is KILLER! 😛 After showering up we headed to Bello for pasta and beer for dinner.


It is VERY clear the Carnaval is on here in Quebec, Bonhomme is EVERYWHERE! You can buy sashes in our hotel lobby, Bonhomme heads line the streets on every store window, and as soon as we checked in our concierge gave us a pamphlet for Carnaval in addition to our map of Old Quebec. I have nothing but positive things to say about Quebec City, besides the bitter cold wind (or as the Weather Network says, “a storm surge wind” from tropical storms south of here), as it is the most adorable and historic city. I can’t wait to explore more tomorrow!

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