Montreal Trip: Part 4.

I think it is going to be mandatory that my dad and I stay in Montreal to watch the rest of the Habs games this season. We see three games and they win all three? Coincidence? I think NOT! Yesterday my dad and I woke up, hit up the hotel gym, and had some breakfast before our last morning exploring Quebec City. I did 30 minutes of elliptical and 30 minutes of upper body strength training in the hotel gym. Surprisingly, my hotel gym leg workout from the day before left me S-O-R-E. I had some greens for breakfast because my body really misses vegetables and micronutrients right now.


After breakfast I dragged my dad to the Museum of Civilization in Quebec. Normally I’m not a museum kind of girl but they had an exhibit on Quebec Aboriginal history and colonization that I really wanted to see. We spent almost 2 hours in the museum before hitting the road to head back to Montreal.



When we arrived back in Montreal we dropped off our rental car, changed clothes and dumped our bags, then headed for dinner at a VEGAN restaurant. Yep, my good old steak-loving dad enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner with me! It was actually incredibly delicious, I highly recommend the Copper Branch. For the record, we both had power bowls.

After dinner we went to the Bell Center for our third and final Habs game in Montreal. Originally we only had two games planned but after two beautiful wins on the weekend we bought tickets for the Tuesday night game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Guess what… ANOTHER WIN! It was so exciting!!


Amazing quotes from my dad last night:

  • “KEN DRYDEN IS HERE? Okay, I might just cry.”
  • “Kris, you don’t need 28oz of beer… I think 20oz is plenty.” Upon receiving our 20oz beers he said, “Oh… I could totally drink 28oz.”
  • “I think I’m getting better at handling my during-game emotions, like tonight I didn’t want to throat punch ANYONE!”
  • “I think I got light-headed when I stood up to cheer.”


It was such a blast watching the Habs games but more importantly I had some amazing quality time with my dad. I know that one day I will look back on this trip and these memories and be so thankful I enjoyed this time with him. We both love hockey and he raised me to be a through and through Habs fan so it was really fun to do something we both love. We have one last day to wander Montreal before an early flight tomorrow morning!

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