Montreal Trip: Part 5.

This morning, most likely as you’re reading this, I am on a flight home from Montreal. I have had a ridiculously fun trip with my dad and yesterday we spent our final day in Montreal wandering through the light snow to a couple of different indoor markets. My dad even voluntarily went to another vegan restaurant with me and said, I quote, “that lentil stew was really good, I could have had more.”

We first explored the Jean-Talon Market and then headed to the Atwater Market. They were adorable indoor markets and I really want to go back in the summer to see them in full force! I tried espresso cheese, fresh incredible tomatoes, grapefruit, freshly roasted coffee, and chocolate covered cranberries.







It was a really fun and relaxing way to end our time in Montreal. I have so many awesome things to say about the city in general, everyone was super friendly and put up with us not speaking french and the architecture and character of the area is incomparable. I can’t say the three Habs wins didn’t provide some bias for my opinion of the city but it was amazing nonetheless.

Just in case you missed Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of our trip!

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