Thinking Out Loud Thursday #49!

Bonjour! (<- I’m practicing my french for my week in Montreal) I did take french in school until I graduated from high school but when you don’t use it you lose it! I have a feeling I’m going to be speaking very Joey-from-Friends french if I do in fact try. I have actually been recently thinking about taking some online or weekend french courses in the spring or summer because I really want to be somewhat fluent in French as a Canadian!


I promise I won’t attempt anymore french in this post. 😉 Once again I’m linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday! It’s slightly hard to believe that next week I’ll have written 50 of these posts!


  • I am very excited to be leaving for Montreal today and I am hauling my DSLR and go-pro across the country so hopefully I will have lots of great photos from my trip to share on the blog! My dad is going to be extremely thrilled to hear that he is officially my trip blog photographer. If all else fails, my selfie game is getting better.


  • As I was driving to Kananaskis last weekend I thought about how different making friends is as an adult compared to when you were a kid. As a child you basically go to school, go to a classroom with 20 other kids, sit near 5 of them, and end up being friends. I continued to ask myself…


  • I sent this to a couple of my coworkers after we spent the evening chatting about how all of us in the same position at work, roughly the same are, are in a very wide range of places in our lives. One of my coworkers is pregnant and due in June, another getting married in May, a few of us continuing the search for Mr. Right, and others in very long term relationships. My status: Currently in a relationship with the gym.


  • I FINALLY got my car washed. It was bad guys. I knew I would be driving over 2100km in two weekends so I gave up on the idea of washing it anytime before that. I did a few errands before work on Tuesday and finally got the significant layers of dirt, salt, and sand off of my car.


  • As it is Throwback Thursday after all and I write this while packing for yet another father-daughter trip, I thought I would share a couple of throwback photos. My dad and I have gone on numerous father-daughter trips, often camping and hiking, with a few exceptions like when he took me to EUROPE :O and we are now super compatible travellers. The first photo is from one of our first camping trips together, a second photo in Europe, and finally one from this past summer’s West Coast Trail backpacking trip.




  • Make sure to link-up for Fitness Friday tomorrow! I have packed far too many pairs of shoes, a random assortment of nice dresses that I will likely not wear in Montreal, and have most likely forgotten something, but I am flying out to Quebec today! Peace out Edmonton!


Anyone who has been to Montreal – what are must-sees?!

Do you speak another language?


  1. Oh gosh, I really need to wash my car. It’s getting borderline dangerous! Montreal is amazing – I really loved it. We went a few years ago so I’m having trouble remembering what we did specifically, but obviously eating poutine and bagels is a must ;).

  2. I know zero French so it was a bit intimidating being in Montreal. Musts: Poutine! Eat at O’Noir. The food was meh, but the experience was hands down so amazing if you’ve never done anything like it before. You eat completely in the dark, like you can’t see a thing. All the wait staff are blind. It’s incredible. I also surprisingly loved the BioDome. A Cirque show should definitely be a must because that’s where it all starts and spend as much time as possible in the Old Port because it was my favourite part of the city. And Mont Royal, as previously mentioned.

  3. I’ve lost my French skills too. I wish we still had brains like when we’re kids and can soak up new information effortlessly like a sponge.


    I’ve kind of been to Montreal. Flew in there, then spent some time at Mont Tremblant. It’s pretty, but no Rockies.

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