Thinking Out Loud Thursday #51!

Yesterday I worked from home and actually got work done. IT’S A LEAP YEAR MIRACLE. Usually when I “work from home” it turns into 15 minutes of school work and 4 hours of Buzzfeed, Seinfeld, and making the most elaborate meals ever. It must be because I got started reading the report card for children’s health in Alberta for 2015 and was hooked from the start.


It is Thursday so of course, I have lots of thinking out loud happening today (and really, every day, but I try to keep it together and coherent on here most other days). Thanks of course to Amanda at Running with Spoons for hosting!


  • Speaking of Buzzfeed, as a Habs fan, I’m both mortified and amused by THIS happening. When your team is tanking and it seems like nothing else can go wrong, your PR and social media team shits the bed too. Nice work Canadiens.


  • My dad had a scotch tasting night on the weekend and he bought so much good food and plenty of DELICIOUS CHEESE that is now chilling in my fridge, calling out to me. Just as I decide to reduce my dairy intake to try and improve my skin (with promising results so far I might add) an influx of cheese arrives in my house. It’s painful.


  • ICYMI: I wrote about my favourite healthy drinks and foods from Starbucks on Sunday HERE. I am bias because I love the caffeinated international chain but I also worked there a while and have tried my hardest to find the ins-and-outs of their nutrition information.


  • Okay, so THREE times this week when I turned onto my street heading home, THIS song came on the radio. HOW FREAKY IS THAT. (Yes, I do turn coincidences into huge deals).

  • My mom is seriously addicted to barre class. It makes me miss it so much when she talks about it but A) it’s expensive, B) I don’t have time to jam in a bunch of classes in addition to what I’m already doing, and C) I don’t want to give up the current fitness I’m already doing. I really do love barre class though so I might have to join her for a couple classes. I like getting dressed up in tights and grippy socks, putting my hair in a bun, and arriving in class only to remember I’m not actually a graceful ballerina.


Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.56.42 AM

I’m super excited for a weekend getaway to Calgary to visit some awesome ladies. We had original plans to go snowshoeing on Sunday but with all of this unseasonably warm Alberta weather we might just be walking or hiking instead – no complaints here! No matter what with a bunch of healthy living bloggers and foodies it’s bound to be a delicious gathering!

Do you find yourself hungrier with different types of fitness training?

What is one of your “nerdy” obsessions/loves?


  1. I am DYING to try Barre class but I just moved to Fort McMurray and it doesn’t look like they offer it up this way :/ Perhaps I’ll make a point to go on my next Edmonton adventure 🙂

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