WIAW: No dairy, no fun?

Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday post. I talked a bit in THIS post about why I don’t always write WIAW posts but I had the time, patience, and memory to take photos of my lovely eats on the weekend so I decided to write another one. I have been struggling with some annoying skin issues for a while (adult acne is as annoying as it sounds) and I have heard from friends and read in various articles and scientific papers that dairy has been linked in some cases to skin issues so as of Saturday I have decided to try a dairy-free diet just to see if it helps. I am not quite “vegan” as I still eat lots of eggs and egg whites (protein yo) but this new little addition to my nutrition has made me sound incredibly high maintenance haha!


Breakfast: Oatmeal, cooked with quick oats, a sprinkle of steel cut oats, egg whites, flax, and hemp. I topped the oat concoction with peanut butter and apple slices.


Snack: Post workout I grabbed coffee with a friend and we went to Starbuck so I picked up my  latest love, the Sweet Greens Evolution Fresh juice. Some may say it tastes like rotten celery (you know who you are) but I absolutely love it. 😉


Lunch: Snack plates are just the best. This one features smoked grilled tofu strips, red pepper, beet crackers, and hummus. YUM.


Snack: As I whipped up a batch of granola, I munched on roasted sea salt almonds and a dried papaya, dried mango, and my favourite – dried pineapple. It’s like candy and so addicting!


Dinner: I had a couple of beet and apple salads when I was in Montreal and I fell in love with them. SO DELICIOUS. I never really thought of pairing those together but it is amazing. I made a beet and apple salad with romaine lettuce and walnuts, as well as quinoa cooked with spinach and mushrooms topped with avocado and eggs.


As the first day of trying out a “no dairy” diet I think it went pretty well. I talked about how much cheese I dined on in Montreal and so when I came back from the trip I was kind of ready to eat a bit healthier and definitely add more veggies to my meals. Only time will tell whether it helps my skin or not!

What is your favourite salad? (<- NOT a boring question, I really want to know!)

Favourite meal of the day? 



    I hear ya on the dairy. I’m slowly trying to eliminate it from my diet for the same reason as you. It’s so hard – cheese & yogurt were easy, it’s the whey protein & Questies that I struggle to say goodbye to!

    Okay, if you like beet and apple combos, you need to take it up a lel and try beet, apple and FENNEL salads. You’re welcome in advance.

    My fav salad? Oh geez. Anything that involves tons of ingredients: romaine, kale, sprouts, avocado, hummus, chicken, pumpkin seeds, salsa, crackers, etc. I literally just empty the entire contents of my fridge into a bowl.

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