Listening to the end of my audiobook on the run.

It’s amazing what one run can do for your race confidence. After the Chicago Marathon in October I kind of stepped back from running and focused on other things, then signed up for the BMO Vancouver Half to push myself to get back into running. I haven’t put in place a training plan at all, I just wanted to begin to increase my weekend long runs, and try to get a bit faster during my weekday runs. I know I can run a half marathon, but having it not feel like death would be fantastic.


Thus far, this “training” has been going fairly well. I feel “meh” when I run, I am not getting any faster, but long runs don’t feel terrible and I kind of enjoy them so that’s something. I have gotten so into strength training that having to balance them both (or in reality, run when my muscles are very very sore) is tricky.


Yesterday my goal was 10 miles. I ran 9 on Monday (to make up for last weekend’s long run) so adding one mile onto that didn’t feel like too much of a jump. I mapped out a run to hit the streets (IT WAS LIKE 8 DEGREES YESTERDAY) because my Garmin is dead and won’t turn on anymore (Can someone do all of the research for me and find out about warranties?). I had about an hour and a half left on my audio book so I laced up and hit play.


I absolutely LOVED this book. I can’t say enough about how great it was. I listened to it all on audiobook and what I originally thought was going to be a boring fiction, was actually such a thrilling and intense mystery. The book is “The Life We Bury” by Allen Eskens.


I had 20 minutes left of the book, it was getting so intense, and of course I turned the corner to head up a hill on my run. I had tears in my eyes listening to the last few chapters and it is apparently really hard to run when you’re on the verge of tears and full of all the feels from this amazing book. I had to stop at the top to catch my breath, then kept going. If anyone saw me they would have assumed I was running to face a huge tragedy in my life or a heartbreak or a death or something but no… just reading a book.


I finished the book with about a mile and a half to go, but it felt weird to just turn on my running playlist because I was still thinking about everything I had just listened to. I NEED A BOOK CLUB TO TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT WITH. I turned on some slower music, finished up my run, and immediately downloaded Esken’s latest book.

What do you listen to on a long run?

Do you ever run naked (without a Garmin… or sans clothes I guess)?


  1. Remind me to never listen to an audio book while I run…I’m not good with the feelings 😉

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I ran without my garmin. The nerd in me needs all the data as I go.

  2. That is hilarious – I can picture the image of you heartbroken at the top of the hill. I’ve never listened to an audiobook on the run – on your iphone? I used to listen to music but lately I’ve been into podcasts. They can be hit or miss but I like “Runner’s Connect: Run to the top” most of all and some physio podcasts that most people would find boring.

    My garmin died a few months ago as well – I just phoned in to them (got the U.S but they transferred me to Canada, for some reason Canada’s # isn’t as easy to find); they simply made up a service request or whatever they do and told me to send it in. I got it back within a couple of weeks. *note, do not send in your charger with it – they won’t send that back.

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