PBB: Workout Recap 10.

Yesterday I had one of the BEST workouts I’ve had in a while. I was craving all the sweat, so after a lazy morning of making cornmeal waffles and doing laundry, I headed to the gym with no real game plan in mind. Oh, and it was definitely time for another wafflegram on my Instagram so in case you missed it… these babies were delicious! I kind of made up the recipe in my head so I can’t quite pass on exactly what I put in these haha!


Going to the gym with no workout in my head means my workout is either going to be super half-assed and lame or it’s going to kill. It was the latter. My only goal was to be dripping with sweat and breathless during my workout and I accomplished that goal.

I started with 15 minutes on the treadmill. I walked at 4.0mph (15:00 min/mile) and every minute increased the incline 1% until I reached 15%. Next I headed to the spin bikes (which are conveniently next to a stairwell), and rode 15 minutes HARD, switching up a drill every time a new song came on my iPod. I then ran 5 sets of stairs (2 floors; 4 flights) and hit the bike again for two more rounds of spin and stairs. Finally, I headed back down for another 15 minutes of hill walking on the treadmill. It was about 90 minutes of PURE SWEAT and it. was. awesome. In summary…

(1) 15 minutes treadmill hill (1% -> 15%)

(2) 15 minutes spinning (between 225W and 300W)

(3) 5 sets of stairs (4 flights each)

Repeat (2) and (3) twice. 

Repeat (1). 


I felt good during the workout and I think it definitely helped that I had eaten and digested a solid meal before I exercised, whereas most mornings I’m running on empty when I do cardio. It was definitely a fun gym session! Those 90 minutes of cardio, and later a walk with my mom, topped off this week of workouts.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 3.00.03 PM

I hope your weekend was awesome! I wasn’t crazy about the time change but I had Sunday off with no plans so it really didn’t affect a workday or anything for me which was nice. I actually slept in until just after 9am yesterday! It was crazy blowing snow in the morning, hence why I headed to the gym, but by the afternoon it was sunny and blue sky! I hope it stays the same this week!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Do our workouts increase in length or intensity on the weekends or do you take it easy?


  1. That’s an intense workout you did yesterday! Nice work!

    I used to take weekends off unless there was a race or we do something active as a family (biking/hiking, etc), but now I also try and get to the gym at least one of those days since I can get there in the morning and I much prefer that to going late in the evening during the week.

  2. My weekend workouts are always the best because I’m well rested going into them. I’m like a machine! Truthfully, I feel like I half ass my weekday workouts, because I don’t hit the gym til later in the day.

    1. Good point, also when I have more time on the weekends I feel like I can fit everything I want to do without feeling rushed!

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