PBB: Workout Recap 9.

After a lovely week of workouts that both kicked off and ended with a long run, I took a well earned rest day yesterday. The only workout I did yesterday was walking to and from brunch with my momma. When you walk to brunch, you can have mimosas with brunch. LIFE LESSON.


We joined a good friend for brunch at Central Social Hall mid-afternoon yesterday. I felt so domestic yesterday, waking up and starting three loads of laundry, then made myself a breakfast of egg whites and butternut squash which baking some banana chocolate chip muffins. I dropped the muffins off to my workplace as I had to stop by, then came home and walked to brunch! I went far out of my comfort zone and ordered the Veggie Benny. It was good, not the most “wow” meal I’ve ever had, but the chickpea patty with avocado was really good, I just wasn’t a fan of the sauce.


We walked home, a few mimosas later, and got home just in time for the snow to start falling! It was a relaxing afternoon and I took full advantage of my rest day! My mom and I are still on our hot streak for 2-miles minimum per day, with our brunch walk being close to 4 miles total.


I started the week on Monday by making up for last weekend’s long run of 9 miles. I completed the run on the treadmill because my fear of falling on black ice in the dark kicked me indoors. It was a decent run, I ran slow and just let the miles go by. I finished the week of workouts on Saturday with a 10-mile long run that felt fantastic. I ran without a watch AND ran outdoors in the sunshine and it was awesome!

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 12.48.55 PM

I love that rest days leave me feeling SO ready to get back in the gym and kick some butt. That one day, while making me feel like a sloth all day, also pumps me up for the week of workouts ahead. I tried to keep up with my walking to work and school so it definitely contributed to my miles on the workout recap. 🙂

How was your week of workouts?

Do you do long runs on Saturdays or Sundays?


  1. I do most of my long runs on Sundays. That just seems to be the best day for me that was I have extra time to hydrate on Saturday. There was a period when I was training with a Saturday running group, but that’s rare.

    Most races tend to be on Sundays too don’t you think?

    1. Good point, a late Friday night definitely makes me question the Saturday long run too! Most races I have done are on Sunday, I don’t actually know if I’ve done a Saturday race before!

  2. I used to walk to and from work most days and I miss it! I love long walks. I’ve been doing my long runs on Saturdays lately since my race is on a Saturday but I also switch it up depending on what else I’ve got going on.

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