Thinking Out Loud Thursday #56!

HI! Another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday coming your way, linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons. In case you haven’t heard, Amanda just announced on her blog that she is releasing a COOKBOOK in 2017! I have tried a few of her recipes and they are nothing but money so I can’t wait to buy her book! Congrats Amanda!


First of all, thank you all so much for the lovely birthday wishes. From texts to Facebook to blog comments and tweets, thank you all so much! It definitely made my day that much more special! I had a really great day, waking up and hitting the gym to do all of my favourite exercises (aka… leg day), making chocolate chip pancakes, and then heading the spend the rest of the morning at a NINETY minute massage.


If you haven’t had a therapeutic massage before, I highly recommend it. It might not “fix” any muscle aches or long term injuries, but man it feels good. I have only ever had 30-60 minute massages but for my birthday I decided to treat myself to a 90 minute one. I thought for this edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday I would give you a run down of how my massage went.

  • When your masseuse calls your name in the waiting room and you’re more than excited for the next hour and a half of your life.


  • She grabs a clipboard with your “file” and asks if anything has changed since last time or if you want specific work done today. I was like, “all the muscles, please.”


  • I am a fan of not talking during a massage. My friend James tells me I’m crazy because not talking makes the whole stranger-rubbing-your-body more awkward but I disagree. I came to destress, not make friends. When my masseuse started asking me my opinions on FitBits I began to cringe.


  • When she works on a particular muscle that you didn’t even know could hurt that much. Um, hello biceps?


  • She settled into a lovely peaceful rhythm of massaging and I spent 90 minutes thinking about random things, trying to turn my brain off, and being lathered in what I can only imagine was an entire bottle of lotion. Let the random thoughts begin…


  • My shoulders are so tight.
  • How do you stretch shoulders?
  • Could I have prevented this pain?
  • So much lotion… I’m going to be moisturized for weeks.
  • I wonder if she prefers to talk or not to talk.
  • I don’t want to talk.
  • I’m going to fall asleep.
  • I would fall asleep if I wasn’t in so much pain.
  • I should try and find a masseuse to come to my house.
  • My biceps are so tight.
  • What should I have for my birthday dinner?
  • Is it lame that quinoa berry salad is my favourite food and I want it for my birthday?
  • No, I definitely want quinoa for dinner.
  • And kale.
  • I need to buy kale.
  • My hamstrings are so tight.
  • I can’t wait to read more of my book.
  • I can’t imagine my family members with Huntington’s Disease.
  • That would be traumatizing.
  • I like that the author of the book is actually a neurologist.
  • That would be cool. Science and writing.
  • New career idea?
  • What would I write?
  • My calves are so tight.
  • I wonder if she thinks I’m asleep right now.
  • I’m not. But I could be.
  • I’m just going to move my arm a bit to let her know I’m awake.
  • What if she thinks I just twitched in my sleep.
  • I have to pee.
  • I’m thirsty.
  • Why do massages make me so thirsty?
  • How does that work?
  • Does it just move around the water in my body?
  • I peed literally before I walked in the room and now my bladder is full.
  • I love having my feet massaged.
  • I feel really bad for her. Touching my feet and all.
  • I wonder if my feet are gross compared to others.
  • I’m sure she has worse.
  • But maybe she hasn’t and she talks about my feet to her coworkers.
  • I need a pedicure.
  • I’m glad I shaved my legs.
  • I wonder if people get massages with lots of leg hair.
  • How long has gone by?
  • I don’t even know what time it is? What day is it?
  • My neck is so tight.
  • I smell mint. Mint oil. I smell good.
  • It’s in my hair.
  • I should look into dry shampoo because I’m definitely not showering again today.
  • How does dry shampoo work?
  • I feel like we’re almost done here.
  • That was fast.
  • Aaaand we’re done.
  • I wonder if I can move.
  • I feel like jello.


If you scrolled right to here, I don’t blame you. πŸ˜‰ Have a fantastic day, only one more day before the weekend!

Do you go for massages?

Have you ever had a hot stone massage?

Do you meditate? Can you actually turn your brain off?


  1. Haha this was hilarious! I always think the same things about hairy bodies and my feet lol. Also, personally, I’m not a fan of the aerosol dry shampoos…I much prefer dry shampoos that are just powder, and you can actually get tinted ones for darker hair!

  2. LOVE my massages! If the talk is all about me, I’m ok with that! If it’s about her…. hahaha.. kidding.. Love my masseuse and she knows just the right amount of talk. I laughed at your random thoughts that go through your head.. very similar to mine.

  3. I’m excited for Amanda too. Her greek yogurt banana pancakes are so good!

    This post definitely confirmed all of the weird stuff that goes through my mind during massages too. Hahaha

    Dry shampoo is just talc (or something powdery) in an aerosal can, btw. My hair is super fine and gets greasy so quickly so I use it everyday. Adds awesome texture too! I don’t even really need hairspray.

    1. Hhmmm, I think I’ll have to try it, especially for double workout days or where I’m walking a lot to work and such and don’t want to look like a complete mess. πŸ˜›

  4. Ahh massages are the best! I definitely agree that talking is not cool though. I just want to relax and not have to think about anything!

  5. I generally do go for massages but haven’t been to one in a few months. I’ve never tried a hot stone massage before though. Perhaps I should add that to my to do list?

    I have tried meditating SO many times and have such a hard time turning off my brain! I’m constantly thinking of ‘to dos’ and ‘scenarios’ and ‘hmm, what will I have for supper’ when I am in a yoga class! I just joined the Higher Health studio so I’m hoping that excessive practise in yoga will aid in relaxation and escaping my own thoughts.
    Ps. Not to sound antisocial but I HATE HATE HATE being talked to during a massage! In my head, I’m like “please be quiettttt” haha

    1. Haha, exactly, I like being social but I definitely don’t like talking during a massage. πŸ˜› Let me know how the yoga goes!

  6. Hahahaha I love this post. I just booked myself a 60 minute therapeutic massage in a couple weeks. I haven’t been to a massage in F-O-R-E-V-E-R so I’m sure my brain will be full of similar weird and awkward thoughts after. Glad you had a good birthday!

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