“Through the Decades” Playlist.

Last night’s spin class was AWESOME. The music kicked butt so I thought I’d share. If you follow me on Snapchat (@kriss_murray) you already got a sneak peak but this here is the real deal. I love teaching 80s spin classes and the 90s one was such  throwback for me growing up, so in last night’s spin class we did a “through the decades” playlist that took us from the 60s right up until 2016. It was so much fun and the class loved it!




It is scientifically proven that your workout will be 4.73 times better if you use this playlist. You can’t argue with science. That spin class definitely kicked my butt and when I gave my participants “extra rest” during the song changes it was really so I could catch my breath so I could talk again. I am slightly terrified for the spin session of classes when I teach Monday nights AND Tuesday mornings. AH!

What is your favourite decade of music?

Have you tried a spin class yet?! Do you like endurance spin or some speed/hill fun?


  1. I love this playlist! The right music at spin makes all the difference. I’m so much more motivated to work hard when I know and love the song. I think this could be a good running playlist, too!

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