WIAW: Food, fitness, repeat.

I can’t promise you that my food in this post will be as pretty as these waffles, but it was a delicious day of eats yesterday. I was ridiculously sore from Monday night spin when I woke up yesterday but throughout the day I loosened up and had a great day of fitness… and food.


Pre-breakfast workout: 60 minutes of upper body strength training (mainly biceps and triceps) and 30 minutes on the stepper.

Breakfast: Egg whites (cooked with parsley), avocado, and strawberries. The usual… I get protein, healthy fats, and carbs in this meal which means it is both filling and SO tasty.


Post-breakfast workout: A crisp (aka freezing cold) 2.6 mile walk to the bus station to head to school. I love walking in the morning with an audiobook, the time flies! I started walking home after school but my brother picked me up on the way when he saw me walking. It worked out perfectly because I had to stop and pick up a package from the post-office and I was kind of dreading carrying it home!

Lunch: The most amazing salad (that looks repulsive) with spinach, strawberries, blackberries, feta, walnuts, and a pesto tofu sausage. OH MY GOD. I have been on a raspberry-infused balsamic vinegar kick as my salad dressing lately.


Snack: I brought popcorn and dark chocolate for an afternoon snack. I forgot that I brought home Quebec-made dark chocolate from my trip to Montreal so it was a nice surprise to find it in my pantry! This one is a mint dark chocolate and it was unreal.


Pre-dinner workout: I got home and after I picked up a package of new shoes I was dying to test them out so I asked my mom if she wanted to go for a quick run. We ran 3.1 miles (9:01 min/mile) in the wind and sunshine before dinner.

Dinner: A snack plate of smoked tofu, carrots, cauliflower, and beet crackers with hummus. YUM.


Post-dinner workout: My mom and I joined two of our neighbours (and their three dogs) for a lovely 3 mile evening stroll. I was SO COLD after being chilled from the earlier run but it was a great evening for a walk. The wind had died down and it was still light out (thanks DST!) so we got some good catching up and exercise in!

I never include it in WIAW but most nights I have a cup of tea before bed. ALWAYS caffeine free and usually peppermint but last night it was a cup of lemon camomile. 🙂

Do you run/exercise in the mornings or evenings?

Do you get to workout at lunch ever? HOW DOES THIS WORK (I sweat so easily!)? 😉


  1. Almost always in the morning, usually starting at 5am to fit in 10 miles before getting ready for work.
    The odd time I’ll run at lunch…but I have the same problem. I swear the shower does nothing. Haha

  2. I run on my lunch breaks. I get pretty sweaty too but I pack with me powder for my face, dry shampoo for my hair and baby wipes to wipe down the uber sweaty parts haha. I’m also mindful to wear something a little more breezy, like a dress or light top and somehow I manage not to look like a hot mess in the afternoon.

  3. You’re a machine! You’re my greatest inspiration to not be lazy. Hahaha. Still can’t do the super early morning workouts though. I was on a roll for a little while during marathon training, then decided no.

    May I ask why you just eat egg whites? It’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask. Like is it part of macro counting or rationing/allergy/yolk aversion, etc?

    1. I mostly eat the egg whites for the protein. If I don’t have avocado on top I’ll usually add in an egg yolk for the fats/nutrients/goodness in the yolk. It’s mostly just because I can get lots of protein with just the whites but I do love the yolks too and probably eat them 2-3 times a week with yolks.:D

  4. I have no idea how you workout so early in the mornings. I give myself the least amount of time needed in the morning to get ready before I HAVE to be out the door for work (like 25 minutes). Maybe one day I’ll be able to get my butt to the gym before work, but today is not that day :). I usually go to the gym after work, but if I know I can’t make it there, I work out at lunch in my work building’s modest gym. The equipment is ancient, but there’s a decent-sized open space, so I try to do mostly bodyweight exercises. Although my lunchtime workouts are shorter, because I have to shower. Not only am I gross from sweating, but I am a tomato for the duration of the afternoon (yay for being ginger!), so a cold shower (boo) helps mitigate that a bit.

    1. I always wondered if people showered or not because I would keep sweating when I went back to work without a cool shower, thanks Katie for the info!!

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