WIAW: Killing that 3pm slump.

Welcome back to another edition of What I Ate Wednesday (although it’s usually actually what I ate on Tuesday… technicalities). I am DIGGING big veggie-filled salads lately and I actually had one for lunch AND dinner on Monday which was a terrible idea because I didn’t have enough time to digest the big dinner salad before spin and it was rough.


It’s one thing to be a spin participant and wanting to vomit but when the instructor almost tosses their cookies it’s a whole new ball game. We had one TOUGH class to boot. Yesterday (Tuesday) I only had the one giant veggie packed salad and didn’t rush to workout after so my afternoon faired better. Let’s dive into what I ate!

Breakfast: Egg whites are my go-to and yes, I eat a ton of them. I cook mine with parsley and garlic powder, this particular morning I topped mine with avocado because avocado is never a bad idea and makes everything 891 times better. I also had some sliced strawberries. I don’t know where Costco is importing their strawberries from but hot damn, they’re giant.


Lunch: Giant salad with spinach, veggies, smoked tofu, raisins, hummus, and balsamic vinegar. OMG YUM. It takes me over half an hour to eat this bad boy because it’s so much chewing haha. I always dig out and eat the spinach first because I like all of the toppings more and want to save them for last… does anyone else do that?


Afternoon Snack: I killed my 3pm slump with a coconut milk latte and a combo of pretzels and popcorn (Boom Chicka Pop). If I had to choose between sweet and salty I would go salty every time. I love love love popcorn and pretzels and it definitely kept me going for a few more hours of office work. I took this photo at such a weird angle to try and show you that I randomly listen to TSN 1050 toronto sports radio while I work every day.


Dinner: Tempeh tacos and roasted zucchini. Roasted zucchini isn’t as good without cheese… just saying. Tacos are also not as good without cheese but I made it work. A delicious and satisfying dinner.


It’s National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “A 100 Meal Journey.” We eat almost 100 meals each month and each meal is a chance to make one healthy change to better your nutrition. It’s tough to grasp nutrition as a whole and what’s the right “diet” or “meal plan” but if we take it one meal at a time it becomes so much simpler. Jen (Pretty Little Grub), runner, blogger, and dietitian, shared some tips on how to put this nutrition theme into reality HERE!

Best thing you ate or drank yesterday?

What ways have you gone about making changes to your diet?

Happy Nutrition Month – are YOU celebrating?


  1. I love huge salads with tons of toppings! The best thing I ate yesterday was pho from our neighbourhood vietnamese place. We’ve been going there so often they’re going to start to recognize us haha.

  2. YES to massive salads. I have one every day too! The more toppings the better. I’m trying to slowly transition myself to Whole 30 and it’s been tough giving up things like beans, peanuts, goat cheese and salad dressings! GAH

    Best thing I ate yesterday was my overnight oat breakfast. I used mocha protein powder & cherries/blueberries and it tasted like black forest cake. (Kind of)

    1. Oh man, I don’t know if I could go without peanut butter. I’m good for like a week and then I just get a huge craving. Hahaha

  3. I always take a bit of spinach and then toppings on my fork so I balance it out. How’s the coconut milk latte? I’m trying to give up dairy too and I don’t have it except for in a cappuchino….which is almost every day. But made with almond milk is awful – tastes burnt. So I just get it black but I miss the extra flavor of the milk sometimes. I know, #getoverit.

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