WIWIAW: What I Wish I Ate Wednesday.

This past week I have had multiple meals on repeat, so last week’s post, could pretty much be copy and pasted to today, so I thought I would switch it up and write what I wish I ate. I have been loving egg whites and avocado for breakfast, giant salads for lunch, a popcorn afternoon snack, sparkling water, and some random assortment of food for dinner depending on my schedule. Instead of that boring nonsense, which could literally be summed up in one sentence, here is what I wish I ate.


  • Chocolate chip pancakes. I’ve just had a huge craving for them lately!



  • I normally eat the regular Boom Chicka Pop popcorn but I really want to try the Sweet & Salty version… and maybe the frosted cupcake too. I just love popcorn.


  • Watermelon. Anyone miss summer fruit with a passion? Yeah, me too.


  • Granville Island amber ale. I love their winter ale but I have such a love for amber ale. I enjoy blonde beer but red and amber ales are my jam!


  • Anything from Boon Burger. I visited this restaurant in Winnipeg, an all vegetarian burger joint, and they make the most incredible burgers. I’m drooling just thinking about it.


I think everything in the above post would make a really great meal haha! Really good veggie burgers are hard to come by but Boon Burger does them so right. I had blackberries the other day and they had absolutely zero flavour and it made me miss summer fruit.

What do you wish YOU were eating?


  1. I haven’t eaten red meat in over 13 years. While I don’t miss it at all, I occasionally get intense cravings for my mums meatloaf. But I think it’s more of a comfort thing than an actrual craving…

  2. I went to Boon Burger when I was in Winnipeg a few months ago on the recommendation of a meat-loving friend who raved about it. It was so good! They’re opening one close to me in Ontario soonish and I can’t wait to visit again!

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