80s Spin Night & An Early Start to Summer.


On Friday night, I taught an 80s spin workshop! It was a pre-registered class that sold out and I was super excited to be teaching a full house with lots of awesome music! I wore neon pink tights but didn’t get adventurous with my outfit, but that didn’t stop about 6 ladies from going ALL OUT in their 80s gear for class. IT. WAS. AWESOME. I had a blast and now permanently have “Jessie’s Girl” and “Mony mony” stuck in my head.



After a late (for me) night on Friday, I slept in until almost 10:30am Saturday morning! WHAT?! I was almost disoriented after such a deep and long sleep. I had some oatmeal and coffee and lazed around while my breakfast digested before my run. I set out for 10 miles and got it done in just over 90 minutes. I finished up another audiobook, “Courting Trouble” by Lisa Scottoline, and had a wonderful albeit hot run! I even found a $5 bill on my run!


After my run I was home alone and showered, then made a plate of nachos to eat while sitting outside on my deck in the sunshine. I added pretty much every topping I could think of which wound up being peppers, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, tofu sausage, feta, cheddar, and asparagus. They were incredible and ended being both lunch and dinner!


I spent the rest of the evening watching a movie, looking for job openings, and dancing to random music on my iTunes while making a spin playlist for Monday night… Backstreet Boys anyone?


I had another wonderful sleep on Saturday night, then woke up and made some eggs with a side of fruit. I typically leave Sundays for rest days so my mom and I headed out around 11am for a lovely 5 mile walk in the sunshine. We both were tinged red when we got home! I immediately got to work cleaning my vehicle, vacuuming and washing inside and out. I helped my dad do his vehicle and my brothers before showering around 2pm! Shortly after, my brother, parents, and I walked to our favourite pizza place about 1.7 miles away for drinks and pizza.


I had red wine sangria and vegetarian pizza and it tasted so good after a day in the sunshine! I better live close to my family when I move out because these little family dinner dates are the cutest.


This weekend definitely felt like an early start to summer with all of the outdoor time and the 22 degree (C) temperatures! On Sunday night after dinner we were sitting in our basement and everyone was slightly exhausted from being in the sun all day, we looked around and my mom said, “Is anyone else abnormally tired now?!” Signs of a great weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

Do you live close to your family?

What is one sign that tells you it’s for sure summer?


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