April Goals.

Yeah yeah, I know I’m about a week late to the party on this one but somehow the first week of April has vanished and I have yet to chat about my goals for April! In March my fitness goal, besides completing PBB, was to get 2 miles in everyday. Whether it was running, walking, or crawling, I DID IT! It forced me to not grab my laptop in the evening and go for a walk or to walk to work more often and I loved it! Now, onto April goals!

april goals

I have had my FitBit Surge for a week now (I will provide a more detailed review after a bit more wear and experience with it) and so far I love it. My iPhone was grossly underestimating the number of steps I take a day, which was a happy surprise, and my ability to fall asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow can now be seen in stone cold evidence with the FitBit sleep tracker.

I have made it my April goal to take at least 10,000 steps per day.


With all of the walking, running, spinning, and strength training I do, my calves and hips seem to get so tight. I know a lot of the little pains and soreness I get in my feet and achilles are from tight calves and I know that working out and then sitting in an office all day is probably the worst thing for my hips.

My second goal for April is to stretch my hips with hip openers every day.


These are so easy to do before I go to bed, which is when I try to remember to do them, as well as after my workouts in the morning. I like the top left one, the one to the right of that, and the bottom right one. Simple goals that will keep me active and hopefully injury free in April!

What are your goals for April?

Any suggestions for hip opener exercises?

Do you have a FitBit? LET’S BE FITBIT FRIENDS.


    1. It’s something that just slides off my brain until I get tight and/or injured so I really need to be more proactive with it!

  1. Haha I just posted my April goals today too. I blame April starting on a Friday!

    Yay to getting a Fitbit! I need an upgrade (I only have the flex), and while I’ve heard good things about the vivo, I love being connected with all my friends on Fitbit.

  2. I’ve been contemplating buying a FitBit for some time now. I bought my boyfriend the VivoActive (Garmin) for Christmas and I’ve become obsessed with that so I wasn’t sure if the FitBit was worth it? Everyone seems to think so. I look forward to your review as I might just use the Garmin for runs and a FitBit for every day use.

    Also, I started doing Yin Yoga classes last week (BOTH TIMES were focussed on hip-opening exercises) and what a difference it’s done! I think it’ll certainly improve all of the activities you do!

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