Fitness Friday: Summer Shredding Workout Recap 1.

Oh hey team! I call my spin class “team” all the time during class and then I start accidentally saying that to people throughout the day. Whenever my family is getting ready to go somewhere I say, “Let’s go team!” It’s a dream to live with me. Obviously. Welcome back to Fitness Friday! Last week I laid out my goals for the next three months of training, summer shredding, and this week I have the first workout recap!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Remember, the link-up is live for a solid week, so if you do your workout recap or a fitness post on another day, come back and link up to Fitness Friday at anytime throughout the week! I had a decent week of workouts, not all of which were in the gym which is always a nice change. I don’t think I need to tell you that nature’s stairmaster is 108745% better than one in the gym.


During our hike, Jo was asking me about the pros and cons of the whole “bulking and shredding” bro concept and I told her that while it sounds like I’m super into the manipulating calories and whatnot, I’m not. I like a little balance in my life so I don’t go crazy overboard to build muscle or lose weight. The thing I like about summer shredding is the challenge to push myself. I don’t really encourage the gym bro mindset that all fitness gains need to be made in the gym… I got one heck of a workout on Ha Ling that tops any other leg day, and I really think outdoor fitness, social fitness, and fresh air are huge parts of being active.


For the first week of summer shredding, I managed to get my long run done before heading down to Calgary for the weekend. In Calgary I savoured my rest day on Sunday after the hike the day before. We wandered Banff and it felt good to just stretch my legs out. The past four days have been a bit of getting oriented with a new strength training split (one that I copied from my brother) but I like it so far!

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.40.46 AM

I mentioned yesterday that my mom and I hit up a group fitness class on Wednesday night that KILLED ME. I gave it my all and I was wiped by the end. I like taking group fitness as a fitness instructor because it reminds me what kind of instructor I want to be. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the woman that teaches the class we took because she’s tough, she won’t take whining and shit, but she’s encouraging. She will come around and high five you when you want to collapse after the 6-minute HIIT sessions and she will also come around and tell you to move faster, hustle harder, and NOT give up. It was refreshing to take in a new class and work hard!

Enough rambling. TGIF! Have an amazing weekend!


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  1. Wow, that hike sounds amazing! Heights terrify me but I would love to do this one someday!

    Also, like Jo said, I love your well-rounded approach to health, fitness and nutrition! You’re an inspiration lady!!!

    Now that I’m taking the Group Fitness certification I find myself thinking a lot about what I want to teach and what kind of instructor I want to be. That lady sounds awesome!

    1. She is! It’s great to see such inspired and motivating people teaching – aka exactly what you will be as an instructor!

  2. Haha, I still don’t fully *get* the bro science behind it. If I have some free time today, I’ll do some googling and try to figure it out. Hahahaha

    I actually use you as an example in conversations with girls I talk to about fitness (and tell them to read your blog). You have such a balanced approach to life, eating, working out. You’re good at doing a lot of different activities, you’re strong AF and don’t do “just one thing” – like running. Thanks for being my friend and well rounded, positive human being. 🙂

    Have a great weekend Kris!!

    1. Awe thanks so much Jo. I am pretty sure I say the exact same things when I tell people about you, “She’s super intuitive and sunny and you kind of don’t know whether to be jealous of her or BFFs with her.” 😀

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