Potentially the worst 20km of my life & Cardio redemption.

Woah, that title is so dramatic. I had my typical long run day on Saturday that was anything but typical. I felt awful and sick and nauseous and annoyingly whiny when I got home. I had planned to run 14 miles, the longest distance I would run before the BMO Vancouver half in three weeks, but I made it 12.5, took a walking shortcut home, and called it quits. Trust me, this whole post won’t be negative nelly, we all just have those runs.



But let’s back up to Friday… the day I took time off of life to decompress. I got my windshield replaced after procrastinating doing it for about 8.7 months, and simultaneously driving in fear that a rock would hit my already compromised windshield and cause it to explode into a thousand pieces. I don’t know if it’s true or not but I was convinced it could happen.

Once I got home I kind of felt awful, so after stopping by the library to grab a couple new books to read, I read Mindy Kaling’s “Why Not Me” from start to finish while sitting on the couch drinking sparkling water. It was one of those days where I actually started wondering about bed sores and how long it takes to develop them. I went to bed at 8:30pm, started another book, and then slept 10 hours. A glorious, dreamless, ten hours.

Wow, 23? More like 73 years old.


I woke up well rested, though glancing at the 75km/h winds outside warily. Next to “icy,” windy is my least favourite running condition. I ate breakfast, procrastinated, mapped out a potential 14 mile route, procrastinated some more, convinced myself I could run 14 miles tomorrow, procrastinated some more, then put on my running clothes and decided to just go for it. How windy is a steady 50km/h wind anyway?


I really felt awesome for the first 6 miles. This is potentially due to the fact I was running mostly with the wind during this time. I should have realized how easy my pace was feeling because then I turned onto the gravel road leading me back to my house and instantly could feel tears running down my cheeks. Was I crying or was it the wind in my eyes? We will never know.

I felt so so so sick and I ran until I hit 20km, then stopped and walked the remaining mile home. If what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, I am going to be a hella strong runner. I came home and lay on the floor… showered… then went to work in the afternoon. We all have those runs, so it made me think that my next few runs were bound to be good to make up for this one.


The positive things from my run include: 1) I made my route go past my gym so I could go in and grab a sip of water from the fountain, 2) I finished another audiobook with a wicked twisting ending that kept me moderately engaged and distracted from the fiery hell that was happening in my body, 3) I felt badass running around when garbage bins, weird plastic from construction sites, leaves, and dirt were flying about like in a tornado.


Sunday was about cardio redemption. After such a disaster of a run on Saturday I hit up the gym late Sunday morning for 65 minutes of sweat. I killed it. I did a bunch of 5-minute intervals of various cardio and tried to keep my HR high the whole time.


Cardio Redemption Workout

(1) 5 minutes spin bike (90 rpm; 250 watts)

(2) 5 minutes stationary rowing machine

(3) 5 sets of stairs (X 2 floors; 4 flights)

…and now repeat the sequence, changing (2) each time…

(1) –> 5 minutes Jacobs ladder –> (3)

(1) –> 5 minutes battle ropes and step-ups –> (3)

(1) –> (2) –> (3) 


I was so sweaty and tired and full of endorphins by the end! It was a killer workout and according to my FitBit I burned 12 calories a minute with that bad boy. You know when you have those terrible runs or workouts and you need to get into the gym again to remember what it feels like to successfully complete something fitness-related and not be a total failure at cardio… yeah, that was Sunday.

Later in the day we walked to Starbucks for an iced Americano then had a delicious family dinner. Somehow now it’s Monday.

What did you do this weekend?

What do you do after a terrible run?


  1. Oh man, wind is the worst! Even when you aren’t trying to run in it. The wind makes me a cranky lady, and if your wind was anything like our wind on Saturday, then I’m super impressed you went out at all!

  2. Ugh, I hate wind. I haven’t run in wind as bad as the 2014 NYC marathon yet – but every time I get those gusty days….I remember the first 5K of that marathon.

    After a bad run – I eat all the food!

  3. Terrible or not terrible, you still got out there and did it which is awesome! Beats staying home on the couch watching Netflix..

    I refuse to run in wind haha call me a baby .. I just hate it!

    Also, Gillian Flynn’s book Dark Places! You should add that to your running list! The movie is also on Netflix. The book is great but I haven’t watched the movie yet.

    1. I hate the wind even more now haha! I am reading Gillian Flynn’s “Sharp Objects” and it’s giving me nightmares!! I have “Dark Places” on my to-read list now!

  4. Oi. You are right, we all have THOSE days. And my goal is always to forget they happened as soon as possible and move on. Because they will happen, but it always gets better (and because I am recklessly optimistic).

  5. i am seriously impressed with your dedication to keep running.
    there have been times i left the house, it was a bit windy, and i turned back around and went inside hahaha. soooo, i dont even think you needed a cardio redemption, buttttt you’re amazing.

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