WIAW: School Day Eats.

I feel like it’s been a while since I did a WIAW post, not that anything has really changed. I’m still loving big salads, eggs, and the daily Quest bar to crush that mid-afternoon sweet craving. Tuesdays I’m always really tired because I don’t sleep well before teaching early morning spin, so I’m careful to drink plenty of water and not overeat simply to keep my energy levels high being so tired.


Breakfast: Egg whites with parmesan cheese and rice cakes with peanut butter. I was so hungry after two hours of working out that I demolished this breakfast!


11AM morning snack: Pineapple tea from Starbucks. Trying to avoid another cup of coffee and enjoying the BEST tea flavour, pineapple!


Lunch: Kale salad with strawberries, blackberries, avocado, smoked tofu, raisins, and balsamic vinaigrette. My dessert was a chocolate chip cookie dough Quest Bar because they’re boss… expensive… but boss.


Dinner: Brie and pear grilled cheese sandwich with a side of carrots, cucumber, and hummus. The sandwich was made with fresh bread and it was incredible. Something about carbs and cheese that makes me swoon.


I walked to the bus and back, as well as an evening walk with my mom and friends which rounded out a lovely day of activity and productivity at school. I was pretty tired by the evening which made for an early bedtime Tuesday night and Hot Gym Guy asking Tuesday morning why I wasn’t “smiling and laughing a lot like the early morning weirdo I was.”

Pick one: Tea or coffee?

Pick one: Fruit or vegetables?

Pick one: Sweet or salty treat?

Pick one: Peanut butter or almond butter?


  1. Pear and brie grilled cheese sounds amaaaazing.

    Coffee/vegetables/salty/tough decision but probably peanut butter if I had to choose!

  2. I always think of you when I’m assembling my massive salads – “Kris would be so proud of me right now” I also think of you when I see Field Roast sausages in the grocery store.
    I should really do an entire post on blogger associations. Hahahaha

    Coffee in the morning, green tea in the afternoon as a mid-day pick me up
    Fruit (I need to eat at least one banana a day or I die of unhappiness)
    Sweet and salty treat! Like chocolate covered pretzels. But generally, salty. I’m a chips & crackers kind of girl
    Almond butter

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