FitBit Surge: Review.

It has been six weeks since my parents generously bought me a FitBit Surge for my birthday. I decided now would be a great time to update you on what I think of it! To start, I’ll let you know why I wanted the FitBit Surge, because of course everyone will have different expectations for fitness technology depending on what they wanted from it. I chose the FitBit Surge because a) FitBit has become a booming competitor in fitness technology and has a very user-friendly app and online tool to help you track fitness, b) I needed to fix/replace my Garmin 220 to track my running, and c) I was curious about tracking my steps.


If you are really considering buying one, I HIGHLY recommend reading DC Rainmaker’s review of it. He is my go-to blogger for ALL fitness technology and he provides pages and pages of review for each device so he will give you an incredibly broken down and comprehensive overview of the Surge. His review really helped me decide on which device I would set my heart on.

Okay, so six weeks in and I LOVE IT. There are certain aspects I don’t like, and I’ll get to those, but for the most part, it is everything I expected it to be. I can use it in almost ALL fitness pursuits, I think the app is great at tracking activity and steps, and I like that I don’t have to make sure I set it to “run” for every walk and bike ride because after 15 minutes it will retroactively track your walk/bike for you and input it as an activity in your app. I love seeing my strength and spin workouts tracked based on HR, and it actually helps me push myself to do more dynamic strength training to get my HR up when I’m lifting weights. Oh, and according to my HR, leg days ARE BASICALLY CARDIO.


I am not used to wearing a watch but it has been an easy adjustment for me. I wore it a couple times at night to track my sleep but it was WAY too bulky for me to sleep comfortably so typically I take it off and charge it at night. It was interesting for sure but I know I sleep well, barely wake up, and get less sleep than I should each night… I get it. I don’t need to track my sleep and I really don’t care to do it, so I don’t.


  • The battery lasts about 3-4 days for me, which in my mind is pretty good?
  • It can track most of my activities and I can see how hard I work in the gym and when I’m running on the streets.
  • I like the constant HR tracker.
  • You can get notifications from the app to move more, go for a walk, or try and hit your step goals.
  • I get pretty competitive with myself to get my steps in every day, and when friends challenge me to a competition – watch out!
  • It has GPS for my runs, which none of the other FitBit models have.
  • You can set the watch face to “flare” design, which has spokes that are different lengths based on your activity in that moment of the day. It encourages you to see some level of activity every hour.


  • Originally FitBit promoted the watch as “water proof” and able to track swim workouts but retracted those claims. It is not waterproof. It can be worn in the shower and can obviously handle sweat, but it cannot go in a pool.
  • It is a pretty hefty watch and if you have small wrists it might feel too big.
  • The HR monitor sometimes isn’t 100% accurate as it has to be in a sweet spot on your wrist to get an accurate reading. I would say it is right about 94% of the time.
  • It doesn’t specifically track cycling workouts (GPS-tracked), which DC Rainmaker pointed out was crazy that they featured a cyclist on their major advertising.


Overall, I love this watch. It kind of makes me slightly crazy and competitive and I want every day to be better than the last, but all in good fun of course. 😉 I enjoy the constant HR tracker and GPS that comes ONLY with the Surge, but if you have a running watch for those things, this one is probably over the top for what you need. It is slightly bulky and while it looks fine most of the time, it’s not slender like the original FitBit and would ruin a dressy outfit… good thing I never dress up. If you have any other questions about this model, feel free to leave a comment!


    1. It’s really good, especially not wearing a HR strap and using wrist HR. I like that is backlogs walks and bike rides so you don’t keep having to switch it to different modes!

  1. Great review! I desperately want a new Fitbit or fitness watch, and I really can’t decide which one to get! There’s no perfect watch out there which I think makes the decision more difficult.

    1. Oh totally, and everyone has a different brand that they think is “the best”!! AND technology is constantly changing so they keep getting better and better.

  2. Great review Kris. At this point, I don’t really have any interest in a FitBit but I think if I ever decided I wanted one, this would be the one to get and then I could ditch my HRM & TomTom.

  3. Hi Kris! I have been reading your blog for a few months now and love it! It definitely gets me motivated those days that I just want to stay curled up in bed:) Love your blog!
    Kind of a random post to ask this on, but just wondering if you have any suggestions on choosing a training plan for my first marathon? I am running October 16 and would like to start training some time next month, but can’t seem to find a plan that I love!
    Thanks and have a super awesome day 🙂

    1. HI Grace!! 😀 Congrats on signing up for your first marathon!! I used a 16-week plan with 5 runs a week when I started and I found it to be a bit much too soon for me to I changed to running 4 times a week, and trained for 18-20 weeks. It really depends on what type of runner you are, if you do other activities as well (cycling, swimming, etc). For a first marathon the longer you train and gradually build up distance, the less chance there is you will be injured or burn out. I like peaking with a 21 or 22 mile long run, because it gives me more confidence than the 20-miler but it’s totally common to peak at 20 miles for a long run. The best thing to do is find a training plan that matches your schedule (eg. 3, 4, 5, or 6 runs a week) and matches where you’re at with running. Does the plan start with a 10-mile long run but your furthest distance you’ve run in the last 4 months is 6 miles? Find another one. Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK with your training!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes!!

      1. Ahhh thank you so much! I will definitely keep you updated! You rock:)
        Side note – I am a Canadian gal from Ottawa!

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