Fitness Friday: Summer Shredding Workout Recap 6.

TGIF! I’m liking my recent schedule of one weekend home, one weekend away, repeat. I love relaxing weekends at home and every once and a while I need to do laundry, however weekends away, spending time outside, entering Monday slightly more tired than desired but filled to the brim with soul-bursting energy is the best. I am heading to Canmore this weekend to visit one of my favourite ladies and get some mountain time! As much as I like exploring the river valleys of central Alberta, I enjoy heading west until I spot peaks.


This past week has been kind of all over the place when it comes to workouts. I felt really weird and not wanting to run for most of the week, and actually only ran for the first time since the half marathon on Sunday, a full week after the race. The aspect of my routine that stayed constant was strength training. I stuck to five days of strength training this week and KILLED both leg days, plus a bonus day of deadlifts of Sunday (maybe that’s why my legs are so tired this week?).

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I was inspired by the strong people at the powerlifting event on Saturday, so the next day I went to the gym after work and did a bunch of bench press and deadlifts. I maxed out at 5 sets of 8 reps with 135# for deadlifts, and same sets and reps for bench with 95#. My hamstrings were DONE for about three days after that. I was genuinely shocked at how sore I was from doing “heavier lifting” (for me) but it goes to show that low reps with heavy weight can be just as much of a workout, if not more, than low weight high rep work.


I attempted to go swimming on Monday but the pump had broken in the lane swimming pool so it was closed, but I made my way there Thursday and did 2000m of freestyle. It felt good to be swimming but like yoga, it takes a lot of patience for me to be in the pool with no music and just focusing on the moment. As someone who works at the pool, I know the life guards and it’s slightly weird to have people you know watching you swim. Don’t worry though, I wore my sexiest of one-piece swimsuits and swim caps.

I like going swimming immediately after doing legs at the gym because my legs are too jello-ish to run, I am very sweaty and hot from doing so many lunges and squats, and the pool can be more of an arm and shoulder workout while doing front crawl. I actually realized how much stronger my shoulders have become, just purely based on swimming months ago and swimming now. My pull for the stroke is so much stronger now that it was before I started lifting weights more which is kind of a cool “progress marker” that I didn’t expect.


It was such a random week of workouts but it was exactly what fitness should be – FUN! I did yoga (update on this goal coming Tuesday), swam, ran, biked, lifted, and walked. This weekend I can add “hike” to that list! Happy Friday, and don’t forget to add your link!

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    1. Nope, I didn’t reply in time before 10 people signed up! I also have to drive back Saturday night to work on Sunday. 😛

  1. Tomorrow is going to be so fun! I’m currently sitting in bed looking out at the mountains and it seems like they got quite a bit of snow at the top. Whatever though, we’re warriors.


    1. We definitely are! I have zero expectations for the hike so no matter what we end up being able to do it’ll be fun!!

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