Fitness Friday: Summer Shredding Workout Recap 8.

I am writing this on Thursday night, very full of beer and burritos, and after a full day of conferencing so hard that my brain hurts. It has been a really great conference so far, raw facts about Indigenous health, real words from people who have lived through residential schools, and a slice of hope regarding the future of Indigenous health. I am presenting this morning and I am very glad that our presentation is offering a positive spin on research with Aboriginal communities.


Sorry, sorry, I’ll get back to the real important business here… IT’S FITNESS FRIDAY! This has quite possibly been the least structured week of workouts and potentially the least amount of exercise I have done for a while. I ran a little bit more than normal, so that took away a bit of strength training time, plus this whole traveling and conferencing business really messes with my heavy schedule of gym flirting and early morning pick-up lines.

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

In case you’ve been stalking me for a while and meticulously keep track of my daily sweat sessions, please check below for my week of workouts. I actually ran FIVE times this week. WHAAAAAA? I felt pretty good hitting the streets and running at a more uncomfortable pace (for me) this week so it was nice to push myself a bit instead of my usual runs that are more about listening to murder mystery audiobooks than the actual running part.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.47.16 PM

Yesterday the conference schedule was a bit delayed and we had started the morning at 7:00am. The last keynote was set to run until 6:00pm but I was SO DONE. I skipped it, put on some spandex, and headed to the hotel gym for a few miles. It was a sauna in the gym and I sweated so much, but got in a lovely 5 miles. It was such a good way to de-stress! After the run I quickly showered and changed and met up with a friend who was also at the conference and we drove downtown Toronto for mexican food and beer with one of her friends. It was a blast and we talked about everything from academic scholarship applications to boys.


I am expecting today to be my rest day because I will be conferencing even harder, presenting, then heading to the airport for a 10pm flight back to Edmonton. Sometimes workouts just literally don’t fit in the day… maybe I’ll attempt to make squats and lunges a socially acceptable activity in the airport waiting lounge.


I hope everyone had a fantastic week of workouts. I am stoked to have two days off this weekend so I can try and stay outside as much as possible! Plus, I get to sleep sleep sleep which apparently the conference organizers don’t like to do because each day starts at 7am… WTF. Off to deliver a wonderful presentation and powerpoint. 😉 Don’t forget to link-up below AND tell your friends!


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