I stopped counting macros.

Alternate title: Random updates on my life that you probably don’t care about.

After I came home from Vancouver I stopped counting macros. I had a 75-day streak or something crazy going on MyFitnessPal and I was just kind of exhausted from tracking food. I started counting macros to make sure I was eating adequate protein every day. As a vegetarian who exercises just a little bit, I wanted to make sure I was getting enough protein.


It kind of became just a habit and a bit of an obsession. I stopped really listening to my body about what and when I wanted to eat. Intuitive eating is just easier. We keep mostly healthy food in our house, so it’s easy to grab healthy snacks and make myself nutritious meals. I really have no reason not to listen to my body and nourish it with the fuel it needs. If I can describe not counting macros in one word it would be freeing. What started as a way to make sure I got enough protein, became more of an unhealthy habit rather than a healthy one.

In other news, I attended my seventh yoga class last night, back to “Flow & Slow.” It was a really good one but because it was so hot outside the room was fairly toasty and I was definitely sweating (<- this could just be me though because I sweat embarrassingly easily). I walked to work, then walked to yoga, then walked home from yoga, for a total of 8 miles. My mom came and met me at yoga to walk home with me.


After yoga I arrived home to find my NEW TRAIL RUNNING SHOES waiting for me. I stopped by MEC on Sunday and picked me up some new shoes for hiking/trail running/adventuring. They are the Salomon SpeedCross 3s. I will write an actual post about them later when I have put some miles on them but for now, they are pretty and if their colour is any indication, I will be super speedy!


It is suppose to rain here this week but the trails are now calling my name! I’m guessing these babies are going to be covered in mud in no time. Plus I’m all bendy and shit from yoga so I’ll be graceful as hell sprinting through the woods. Happy hump day peeps.

Any trail runners out there? Tips for newbies welcome!

Do you count macros/track meals?


  1. I find tracking numbers when it comes to food, whether its macros or calories, is so tedious. Right now I’m trying to be mindful of what I’m eating and how much but I find simply writing down what I eat, like for lunch I had a salad with this, this and this, keeps me accountable enough to make good choices. If I’m left to just eat “intuitively” then I just end up eating all the things and as someone who’s really trying to lose weight, that does not work.

    1. For sure, it’s definitely different depending on goals too… I like the idea of writing it down because it will remind you of all the healthy choices you’ve made. 😀

  2. I’m all about eating intuitively too. The only thing I’m a bit more mindful of is protein – I try to get 25-30g per meal, but I don’t track it through an app.
    If I calculated my food intake, I’m confident it would tell me for someone my size I’m eating “too much” carbohydrate and fat (and probably even calories) and it’s not that cut and dry. Then it would make me question myself and I don’t want that.

    I love the color of your speedcrosses. Did you sign up for Banff? Bring them and we can to play on trails after! Or even for mountain SUP – we can run laps around Johnson Lake! 🙂

  3. I’ll track my food once in a while on MyFitness Pal to make sure I’m eating enough protein too but I agree that it can become obsessive and when you know you’re eating healthy, unnecessary. Intuitive eating for the win! 😉

  4. I’ve done periods of time tracking with MFP but it always took the joy out of eating and made me crave more foods, so I just don’t let myself do that anymore. I’m vegetarian as well and, like you, I try to only keep the good stuff around so I feel like I’m usually getting a well-balanced diet.

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