May Goal Recap & An Airplane Story.

I did it guys. I participated in 10 yoga classes in the month of May. I know it sounds too simple to be a challenge, but getting my butt out the door and actually onto a mat in a yoga class is more difficult than you think. I am notoriously anti-yoga. I’m the girl that complains about tight hamstrings but doesn’t find a way to deal with it. I’m the girl who can’t sit still through a 20-minute sitcom episode and didn’t believe she could for a 60-minute yoga class. And so, I made THIS my goal for May.


Overall message: The biggest thing I discovered in trying as many different kinds of yoga as I could in 10 classes was that there truly is a class for everyone. You can’t say you hate yoga until you’ve tried every single kind, because you may just discover that you just hadn’t tried the right one yet.

What I learned: The best thing that came out of this challenge was that I learned exactly what I want yoga to be for me. I don’t need a workout, I’m fully capable of getting my heartrate up and working my muscles outside of yoga class, so I don’t want a fast-paced or hot yoga class. I don’t love warm yoga. It’s not relaxing for me because I just continue to think about how hot I am and how I should have left myself time for a shower after class. What I do want my yoga to be is a good stretch and a session of relaxation for my mind. I want slow-paced, long hold, calming yoga. I discovered yin yoga a few classes into the month and fell in love with it. I have gone every week since to this class and it has provided the best complimentary practice to my intense daily workouts like running and weight lifting.

I also learned that you DON’T have to be flexible, a size zero, or experienced to do yoga. I chatted with a 15-year old girl who has major back issues, whose doctor recommended she try yoga and I also chatted with a 65-year old yogi who has been going to beginner classes for about 20 years. There are men and women in yoga, old and young, underweight and overweight, athletic and nonathletic. It’s really comforting that everyone has a place on their mat in a yoga class so once I started going a bit more I wasn’t intimidated and the studio I chose made me feel so welcome.

What about after the challenge? Will I continue to go? The most common question I get regarding this yoga challenge… will I keep it up even with the challenge ends? YES. I plan on attending a weekly yin class with my favourite teacher on Thursday nights. It’s so relaxing and I get such a good stretch. I am actually looking forward to continuing this class!


If you missed my mid-month yoga challenge update that gives a bit more detail for all of the classes I attended, you can find it HERE. If you want a laugh about yoga class, this video called “If Gandhi Took A Yoga Class” had my crying I was laughing so hard.

Okay, onto a random airplane story. As you may or may not know, I was just in Toronto for the University of Toronto’s Indigenous Health Conference. I flew in on Wednesday evening, attended the conference from 7am to 5pm on both Thursday and Friday, then flew out on Friday evening. It was a whirlwind trip to say the least!


I’ll start by saying that I think everything happens for a reason. I had booked my flight to leave at 10pm on Friday night but the conference ended at 5pm and I just headed straight to the airport. I got there at about 6pm and while I had planned to just have dinner and maybe do some work in the airport for 4 hours, I saw that there was a 7:15pm flight to Edmonton. There were a couple seats left on that flight so I switched my ticket and took the earlier flight.

It was probably the best decision I made that day. I was seated in the last row at the back of the plane, on the aisle. Turns out, this really incredible guy was seated in the last row at the back of the plane, on the window. There was no one in the middle seat. We talked for 4 straight hours. I don’t think we stopped talking the entire flight. We talked about everything from our favourite beer to Tinder to his parents divorce to my favourite hikes near Banff. He lives in Prague now after being born and raised in Edmonton, so he was flying home to see his family and friends for a couple months. It was fun being so blunt and honest because we knew we’d probably never see each other again. We were the last to leave the plane and it was hilarious because even the flight attendants were making comments, “Bet that’s the fastest flight you two have ever had,” and then when I almost forgot my book in my seat pocket, “It’s probably a good thing you didn’t get a chance to read that *wink*.” We exchanged names and contact info but obviously there’s a high likelihood we will never see each other again… it kind of made for just a super fun story.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! What did you get up to?

How did you do with your May goals?

Tell ME a good airplane/travel story!


  1. I’ll tell you a yoga story instead. I’d taken yoga on and off for years. I never really quite understood the poses, and it didn’t help when some sweet young thing of an instructor chirped that licking your own kneecaps is a great warmup and good for hamstrings and demos it. Then I found Fiona, most awesome instructor ever! She was nearly 6 foot, and somehow her demoing poses made sense. She was funny, candid about her shortcomings as a yoga instructor or what she wasn’t good at, and always found ways to make the poses interesting. Plus there was always the possibility she’d light her pants on fire, again. I took beginner yoga from her for nearly 10 years, and loved it. I nearly cried when she said she had to stop teaching because of knee issues. So yes, there is a yoga class out there for everyone, but it might be hard to find.

  2. Aw, that’s the cutest story ever. I’m with ya – everything happens for a reason and I think little magical moments like that are the universe’s way of ‘winking’ at us. Showing us that meaningful connections are real (and they tend to occur when we’re not trying!) I also like to think it’s old souls reuniting. Even if it’s just for a brief moment.

    I hope you two stay in touch!

  3. That is the cutest story ever!!! I really hope brings you two together again 😉

    I’m SO glad that you enjoyed the yoga challenge and found something you love. You are definitely right, yoga is for everyone, you just have to find the class that speaks to you.

  4. I probably need to try more yoga classes to find “my” type of yoga because they really are all different.
    That airplane story is so cute! Maybe he will want to move back to Edmonton…

    1. Oh totally, I originally categorized all yoga classes the same but now I see there are so many different varieties (and teachers and studios, etc)!

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