Thinking Out Loud Thursday #61!

This Thinking Out Loud Thursday (hosted by Amanda at Running with Spoons) is a collective assortment of random thoughts, most from my trip to Vancouver. There was so much I wanted to say in my race recap and such but would be so random and out of place that I figured I would leave it until this post that is suppose to be random!


  • I survived my first experience renting a “private room” on Airbnb. For my trip to Vancouver I rented a room, which meant my host would actually be there. I would like to say I was being nonchalant and open to potentially being murdered by a weirdo airbnb host but in reality I didn’t read the ad right and accidentally booked a “room” instead of an “entire apartment.” It went over really well and I actually didn’t see my host that often which was nice because we both just did our own things. It was in the PRIME location and I couldn’t have asked for a better place.
  • As always when I’m travelling, I get very sick of eating out at restaurants and cafes. I did have access to a full kitchen but I was never really at the place and ended up getting food out most often. I love giant salads and options for vegetarian protein, but to get those when eating out will require a second mortgage on your home.


  • I ran into Ray Ferraro at the airport on Monday morning. Only 3% of my readers will know who that is, but to me it was a big deal. He is a TSN hockey analyst and commentator and I listen to his segment every day on TSN 1050 radio. Yeah, I’m a nerd about that stuff. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to chat hockey with him, because I’m sure he would have been really eager to hear my expert opinion on the playoffs.


  • I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who posted such positive comments on my blog/Facebook/Instagram in regards to my race. I smiled and read each and every one of them and I am always humbled by the number of amazing people in my life. THANK YOU! In particular, a huge thanks to Kaella for making this weekend so spectacular and adopting me into your family for a few days – you are a truly incredible friend!


  • A random note about the Yankees hat I’m wearing. Based on personal first-hand knowledge, it turns out 97% of girls who wear Yankees hats to the gym are not actual Yankees fans. It is apparently just the “hat to own” for working out and posting on Instagram. I don’t recommend asking girls wearing this hat about being a huge Jeter fans because chances are they will stare at you blankly (based on two humiliating experiences).


  • I finished reading “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn while waiting at airports this past weekend. I actually couldn’t put it down and brought it to the harbour to read while I was hanging out in the sun. OMG. THE ENDING. It was either brilliant or a cop-out, because it was so weird! Has anyone else read this book? What did you think?
  • THIS SONG THO. I don’t want to be another person in your life that’s all, “OMG Drake, OMG, his new album, OMG, he’s the best and he represents the 6 so well, blah blah blah…” but really, this song is good.

  • I looked up my Marathon photos from the official race photographers. I think they only nabbed me at two locations so there are 24 photos from two locations. It’s basically like seeing a slow motion time lapse running photo of myself and it’s traumatizing. If someone was judging my running form they would probably think it was my first time ever attempting to run. Heel striker for life yo.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.46.23 PM

  • I can never understand people in airports. If I’m in the right (aka worst) mood, it can be the most frustrating experience ever. People not being able to find their correct seats on an airplane… THERE IS A NUMBER AND LETTER… AND A DIAGRAM! Figure it out people! Airplanes even make it easy by numbering the rows in numerical order from the front of the plane AND lettering the seats from left to right.


  • I discovered my new summer beer while on the Granville Brewery Tour this past weekend. The Granville Island False Creek Raspberry Ale. IT IS SO GOOD. Even if you aren’t a huge beer fan, I promise it’s worth a shot because it has delicious raspberry fruity notes. It’s going to be my post-hike, Friday night, in the sun, poolside, beer of the summer.


Okay, okay, before I bore you with my nonsensical ramblings today, I’ll end it here. Updates on how my May yoga challenge is going will be happening for Fitness Friday tomorrow so be sure to come on back for that! Happy Thursday!

Summer beer drinkers – what is your go to?

Is there anything super innocent (like finding plane seats) that frustrates you to no end?

Drake lovers out there?


  1. Last year the Stanley Park Sunsetter bumped the Granville Raspberry from top spot (and I think Village Squeeze bumped it to #3 this year).
    I’ve considered doing an AirBnB room, but I’m too chicken.

  2. Adding that beer to my list to try. I love grapefruit radlers during the summer. Mmmmm… I’m craving beer.

    Too funny about the hat thing. I used to own a Yankees hat. I definitely do not know a thing about sports.

  3. I had no idea you could rent out rooms! I’d be curious to try it, but also slightly terrified at the same time. And I hear ya about eating out while on vacation. After getting back from Hawaii, I literally attacked every vegetable in sight… especially because buying -good- food on the island cost an arm and a leg. Ridiculous.

  4. Air BnB is THE FUTURE! I love it. I’ve only used it once – but we scored a sweet secluded cabin in Montana for like… $70 a night.

    Adding that raspberry beer to my ‘to drink’ list. I definitely prefer lighter fruity beers that don’t really taste like beer. And only in the summer!

  5. Haha people at airports frustrate me too. Like why do people like to stand in line to get on the plane before boarding has even begun? And wouldn’t it make more sense to board the back of the plane first?!

    I didn’t even know it was an option to rent just a room on Airbnb. At least it turned out okay for you. Did you have to share a bathroom? I would hate that – what if you want to shower when the other person is in there, etc?!

    1. I love when they call ONLY pre-board and everyone jumps up… like, don’t worry, they’re not leaving without you… lol.

    1. Bahaha, I’m basically like Ben Stiller in that episode of FRIENDS where he yells at the people in THE movie theatre for not being able to find the right seats, “DID YOU NOT LOOK AROUND AND NOTICE THESE WERE ALL ABC SEATS!?” :p

  6. I need to try that beer for sure, sounds perfect for summer.
    I’m a heel striker too, my pictures always give me away.
    Tom and I rented a private room in San Diego, it’s our first time doing that rather than renting the entire place so I’m interested to see how it turns out.

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