Thinking Out Loud Thursday #62!

Goooooood morning and happy Thursday! Of course I will be sharing some random thoughts and linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


  • The down arrow key on my keyboard stopped working, most likely because I always eat around my computer and spill stuff on it and it just needs to be cleaned, but it is the most annoying thing. I didn’t realize how much I use the down arrow until it stopped working.


  • I TOOK MY BIKE FOR HER MAIDEN VOYAGE YESTERDAY. If I could sum up the experience in one word it would be ‘happiness.’ I couldn’t stop smiling because it was just FUN to ride this type of bike. It takes away the “fitness” part of biking from your mind and you just get to think about the wind in your hair and being outside. It was so fun.


  • All of the cool kids return their library books by biking there right? I didn’t end up finishing this book because I could NOT for the life of me get into it. It just wasn’t my type of book and I really tried to force myself to read it but life is too short for shitty books.


  • Oh, and in case you didn’t see the snap of my new bike, here she is. She has a basket and bell and everything! How cute is she?!


  • I made protein oats that actually turned out really well yesterday. I was VERY skeptical about adding protein powder to my oatmeal because I have had that go very very wrong in the past but it was delicious! I don’t like super sweet oats so if you do, I would add some maple syrup or something to it, but in this bowl… oats, chocolate whey protein powder, almond milk, flax seeds, unsweetened cocoa powder, egg whites, and topped with peanut butter and berries.


  • Afternoon Quest bars are becoming an expensive yet tasty habit. It’s like dessert. LOOK AT THOSE CHUNKS OF GOODNESS.


  • I did the math guys. This is the truth and it is terrifying.


  • I went to yoga with a friend on Tuesday and her and I both love lifting weights and not stretching after. We were SO TIGHT and after class the instructor even asked us if we had just done a hard workout recently or something. It was the toughest class I had been to in my May Yoga challenge, but I was forced to step even more outside of my comfort zone and confront my lack of flexibility ha!


Yesterday I got called into work early so I worked a full 8 hour shift. Dear lord, how do people work desk jobs for 8 hours every day? I can’t sit still that long. It’s painful. I walked to and from work because it was a GORGEOUS DAY, and I needed to counteract all of that sitting. See you tomorrow for Fitness Friday!

Tell me something random from your week!

Do you have an afternoon sugar/sweetness/anything craving?

Do you give up on books or do you need to finish them?


  1. Basket envy! I totally know what you mean about those kind of bikes taking away the fitness edge and just letting you get out there for fun. I love mine for that as well, only it doesn’t have a basket 🙁 And I’m going to conveniently ignore the 90’s fact because I’m still 22 in my head 😛

    1. When I saw that I sent it to my friend in his mid-thirties and he was like, “umm, friends off. Why would you do that to me?”

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