WIAW: Vancouver Food Out and About.

… but if you’re from Canada, you read that as “oot and aboot.” What I Ate Wednesday takes a bit of a twist today as I have a variety of random photos of foods I ate in Vancouver! They were taken throughout the weekend and all were more than delicious so let’s dig in!


Spinach and Feta quiche from Cafe Villaggio. This adorable and always bustling cafe was a block away from me, which was dangerously close after I tried this quiche. It was warm and the feta was perfectly complimentary to the spinach and the pastry crust melted in my mouth. Heaven.


I tried Chipolte for the first time ever. Lots of Americans talk about how much they love it and how wonderful it is and how it makes every single dream come true… which probably means I had too high of expectations for what is essentially a fast food joint, but I was totally underwhelmed. It wasn’t great. I had the burrito bowl with brown rice and sofritas.


The smoothie that looks like health in a cup, but tastes like a creamsicle. I was in heaven. I added a scoop of Vega vanilla protein to the SMAK “Vitamin G” smoothie which had spinach, orange, and avocado blended with ice and almond milk. Maybe this was the key to my success in the half marathon the next day.


Let’s get this straight. I am NOT an egg salad girl. I associate egg salad with food born illnesses and old people but I was looking for a vegetarian dinner at like 8pm one night in Vancouver and grabbed an egg salad wrap from Urban Fare. OH-EM-GEE. It was really good. It was probably SO unhealthy for me but I savoured every bite and pretended the eggs were giving me all the protein I needed in a weekend full of carbs.


Finally, a scoop of coffee and a scoop of dark chocolate gelato from D’Oro Gelato to top off my post-race indulgence on Sunday. I ate it while slowly wandering down Robson Street and then towards the harbour, taking in my final night in the gorgeous city. It was DEE-LICIOUS and exactly what my soul needed after a hard-fought race.


Traveling is the perfect opportunity to try new foods and new places to eat. While I have been to Vancouver before, there are SO MANY new and old places to dine so it’s fun trying them. I was lucky to travel alone in the sense that I ate when, where, and what I want. I had no one to please but myself. 🙂

Gelato, froyo, or ice cream?

Has anyone had good experiences with Chipolte?

Best place/food you recently tried?


  1. Mmm that all looks good. I haven’t had a quiche in a long time.

    I have become more of a gelato person BUT I still love a trip to the local ice cream shop here.
    I have never eaten at Chipotle but figure it’s just the American version of Mucho Burrito therefore can’t see what all the fuss is about?
    Best food eaten was the flatbreads from the new restaurant that opened here this week.

  2. AND what is wrong with EGG SALAD?!?!?! I love egg salad. I will boil a dozen eggs and make up some egg salad and just eat it out of a dish. No bread. No bun. Just egg salad. I take it too work and eat it. Yes, my colleagues think I am a little strange but hey! Just being me!! LOL

    Love ya.

    Uncle Dave

  3. Everytime I go to the states, I declare that we have to have Chipotle, and then when never make it to one lol. But I’m pretty sure I would be underwhelmed too since I’ve built it up so much. I did not know Vancouver had one though!

    I love so much how comfortable you are traveling alone and enjoying food and the sights with your own company. I wish I did more of that when I was younger 🙂 Maybe if I had blogged back then I would have been more motivated to get out of my comfort zone haha! Or maybe it’s just taken me longer than most to get comfortable doing things on my own. Totally not the point of your post, I know! But just wanted to mention it 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks so much Brie. It sometimes is lonely but I get to determine what and when I want to do things so I really get to explore things I like!

  4. I completely agree about Chipotle, it’s so overrated. I was so excited to try it the first time too since everyone raves about it but I was like this is just mucho burrito. Nothing fancy. And even worse, half their stuff has cilantro in it so I wont eat it anyways!

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