Fitness Friday: Hiking Galore!

I feel like all week I have been sharing my fitness adventures, because I couldn’t possible recap my weekend hikes and adventures in a couple of sentences, but of course, as promised, a summary of my week of workouts for Fitness Friday! This week of workouts was just what my soul wanted – lots of outdoor time, a variety of activity, and a precious weekend in the Rockies! I thought I was getting a solid tan but then I showered. #dirty

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, June 3

Bow Summit Hike (attempt) – 1+ hour

Larch Valley Hike – 9km – 2000ft elevation gain – 3 hours

Consolation Lakes Hike – 6km – 300ft elevation gain – 1.5 hours


Saturday, June 4

East End of Rundle (EEOR) Hike – 6km – 2800ft elevation gain – 4 hours


Sunday, June 5

41.3 km road cycling (27+ km/h) – 1.5 hours

 Monday, June 6

60 minutes chest, triceps, and shoulders strength training

60 minute spin class (instructing)

Tuesday, June 7

45 minute spin class (instructing)

45 minutes legs strength training

Wednesday, June 8

OFF – 75 minute yin yoga class

Thursday, June 9

60 minutes back and biceps

2000m freestyle swimming (~42 minutes)

6.4 KM run (5:42 min/km)

40 minutes walking with my mama

Remember when I was a runner like 6 days of the week? Good times… I don’t know how this week went by with just ONE day of running but I think my weekend of hiking and then sore quads (for approximately three days after) had something to do with it. 😉

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