Fitness Friday: Training for Life.

You may or may not have noticed that I’m not writing a “summer shredded” post this week! After 8 weeks of sticking with a consistent strength training schedule which I outlined HERE, I feel like that challenge just wasn’t me anymore. I feel good about the strength I have maintained but now that summer is fast approaching my goals have shifted and while I plan to continue strength training because I like to lift heavy things, I love that my weekends are all about being outside! Whether it’s a quick trip to Canmore for hiking or a solo trail run, I want this summer to be all about training for life.

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

I am still going to post my workout recaps each Friday for Fitness Friday (and of course host the link-up so I can read and share your beautiful posts), but as of this moment, I don’t have a set schedule for my workouts. I run when I want, where I want, lift things, put them back down, and occasionally stretch. 😉 My workouts this past week were a mix of everything… just the way I like it.


OFF – I was in Toronto and then flew back to Edmonton late


60 minutes legs strength training

20 minutes steady state spinning

45 minute walk with my momma


16.8 KM (2-hour) trail run (Tawalik Lake Trail)



60 minutes chest and triceps strength training

1500m freestyle swimming (~30 minutes)

60 minute spin class (instructing)


45 minute spin class (instructing)

8.02 KM Edmonton River Valley run (5:35 min/km)



75 minute yin yoga class

7.10 KM Riverlot 56 trail run (6+ min/km)

10.5 KM walking to and from work


60 minutes back and biceps strength training

2000m freestyle swimming (~40 minutes)

Lately I have just been loving exercising and moving however I feel necessary. I love getting my sweat on every day, but sticking to a schedule just stopped feeling “right.” In the winter and spring, a schedule helped me get to the gym when it was 5:30am and pitch black. It was kind of my saving grace and allowed me to become such a confident lifter, focusing on doing things I’ve never done before like deadlifts, and getting better at things that used to scare me, like bench press and ass-to-grass squats. Now that it gets light closer to 4am, and my soul craves fresh air and running outside, I’m going to go with what my heart and body want, whether it’s a yin yoga class or a trail run or a solid bro gym sesh.

I like to think I’ve grown and matured when it comes to how I view fitness and health. I have learned a lot from pushing my body to the fine line between intense training and injury, and after crossing that line more than once, it has made me more aware of how I want my body to feel and move. Intense workouts are awesome. The feeling you get when you’re running up a hill so hard you feel like your lungs are going to burst and you can hear your heartbeat resounding in your head. It’s fun to push ourselves and notice ourselves getting stronger or faster or more flexible. With that, comes the appreciation for rest, recovery, and sleep. There is a time and place for intensity and I’ve realized you can’t schedule your best workouts. You can’t write out a week of workouts and tell yourself you’ll have the most energy five days from now or you’ll always be at your best on a Saturday morning. Listening to my body has helped me stay injury free this year and I plan on keeping it that way. If ever I’m asked how I stay motivated to be active, I say find ways to move your body that you love. If it’s something you love, you’ll always make time for it.

To randomly celebrate #flashbackfriday, here is a family photo from Lake Louise in the late 90s. I was looking through my mom’s photo albums the other day and I have a new appreciation for how I was raised with each photo I see. We were a fleece-clad, road-tripping, camping-in-a-tent family and I wouldn’t trade those memories for ANYTHING. It has shaped the person I am today and I can’t imagine myself any other way. I love my family and I think the enthusiasm I have for SO MANY different forms of fitness and outdoor activity comes from growing up trying every sport, experiencing every activity, and having parents who supported and encouraged my brother and I to be independent, outdoor-loving, strong, don’t-knock-it-til-you-try-it, people.


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What was your favourite workout this week?

Any fun weekend plans?

How has your attitude changed when it comes to health and fitness?


  1. You’ve got such a great attitude about fitness. I’m with you though. Whether it’s just running for the enjoyment, doing yoga or maybe getting sweaty working out in my living room, I want to workout in a way that I crave.

  2. I love your approach to fitness! We’re all training for life! I like to think I approach training the same way – functional fitness? I love being able to do hikes or climb mountains or kayak without feeling week and out of shape.

  3. I really like your approach to your fitness.
    There have been times in my life where I’ve loved training hard, and other times where I just go what feels right. I think recognizing the ebb and flow and doing what feels best for you is important.

  4. I’m with ya, girlfran. Training for life + being outside is where it’s at. All I want to do these days play outside – especially running. I hope you have a wonderful time in the MTNS this weekend! I’m excited for our running-playdate in two weeks! Weee

    You should just come to my house first thing in the AM and we’ll all drive to Banff together! 🙂

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