Friends, Football, and Frisbee.

Alliteration yo. This weekend, despite cancelling plans to Canmore with the girls, was super fun! I ended up not even doing any of the chores on my list, like the pile of laundry in my room, but it was filled with even better things so today might have to be laundry day. On Friday after school (<- I can’t wait to stop saying that), I met up with some coworkers for drinks… and lots of laughs. There are a good chunk of us leaving at the end of the summer so we’ve planned a few events to get together before that happens! Sadly, but probably for the best, I have no photographic evidence of this night. 😉



After a wonderful sleep-in I headed to the gym (it was raining, blah) for a killer workout. Half an hour of upper body strength training, 15 minutes on the Stairmaster, and an hour on the spin bike. I randomly selected a spin playlist frmo one of my classes and hit “play.” After the gym I spent the day with my dad, roaming the Farmer’s Market, getting groceries, and then heading to a football game. I love watching football with my dad so it was a really nice afternoon despite the Edmonton Eskimos loss in overtime!



I was able to pick up a shift at work after cancelling the trip to Canmore so I worked most of the day. After work I headed to my yoga studio as they were having a yoga festival with a few booths set up with local retailers. I headed home soon after to change and eat before our Sunday night rec league sports game.


We played ultimate frisbee and OH MY GOODNESS. It was UNREAL, so much fun! I liked how much running we did, similar to soccer, but it was so awesome to learn a new game and attempt to battle a breeze with the frisbee. It was the last night of the spring session and I can’t think of a more fun way to finish it off!

j6viwevSQGy7MSIAyNL1_Open Beer Frisbee


As I was planning out this week last night I realized I’ll have to recap my June goals this week! WHAT! I signed up to volunteer on Canada Day and it occurred to me that that meant it was JULY on Friday! I have a feeling with these jammed weeks of school and work and non-stop fun weekends, this summer is going to FLY!

What did you do this weekend?

Have you tried ultimate frisbee?

Any CFL fans? (Or are we all just holding out for the NFL season?) 😉


  1. Sometimes I swear we are the same person. My roomie has been inviting me to play ultimate frisbee with a bunch of Canmore peeps and I can’t wait to go.

    I’m glad our SUP adventure was cancelled, it seemed like we all needed some downtime to do our own thing & catch up on life! Hey do you have plans this weekend? I am looking for a hiking buddy! 😉

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