No longer a morning runner?

What? How could this be? It seems like a rare occurrence lately that I will actually run in the morning. I used to be SO into morning running, even writing posts about “how to” be a morning runner, because I was so sure this was when I should be running! Most of my weekday runs happen in the afternoon or evening, after a strength session or swim in the morning, while my weekend runs tend to happen in the late morning. My thoughts on no longer being a morning runner, as told by Sidney Crosby gifs, because the Pens just won the Stanley Cup, and because let’s face it, he’s a babe.


Don’t get me wrong, I still love a run at dawn. During the summer when it’s hella hot, I will probably add more morning runs back into my routine to beat the heat. This shift from being a nothing-but-morning runner to an anytime-of-day runner is big, but I think it is more reflective of my growth as a flexible and less rigid exerciser.


The best part about not running in the morning is getting a bit more sleep. The second best part is that you can have a bit of fuel in your system when it comes time to run. Empty stomach running was my jam, until I realized how much better I felt running after eating something or in the afternoon after having had digested breakfast and lunch and such. It’s sometimes hard to eat around your running schedule when you don’t know exactly when you’re going to run and that everything you eat will sit exactly right… but it’s a work in progress.



I think one of the best parts of morning running is being done so early that you can ride your whole day on the endorphin highs you earned in the morning. I like starting my day with exercise, and those special running endorphins are more potent than an IV of coffee. However, that afternoon stress-busting run is 98% as magical.


The only problem with “delaying” your run until after work or school is that you don’t really know how your day is going to go, and if you’ll have even less motivation to run by the time your evening rolls around. Morning runs mean climbing out of bed and hitting the pavement, leaving very little room for your brain to turn on and question what the heck you’re doing. Running later means you have all day to think about your – and make excuses for why you shouldn’t – run.


No matter the time of day… you’re a runner. I’ve grown to love all times of the day to run and as much as it pains me not to knock out a few miles pre-breakfast, it’s a whole new running game in the evening and each time of day brings something special to your run. Happy running peeps!


Are you a morning, afternoon, evening, or night runner?

Do you need to eat before you run or do you prefer running on empty?

FAVE running distance (for every day running)?


  1. I am definitely a morning exerciser, but oh… how I’d love more sleep sometimes! My favourite way to kick off Fridays is with an easy-paced 10-12 km run… although lately I have been doing my long runs on Sundays later in the day. While it can be hot, it’s so nice to laze around before!

  2. I need to eat before I run or I just feel like I have no gas in the tank. I like running in the morning on the weekend so I dont have to get up stupid early but can still get it out of the way. I also like to run in the evenings when I can.

  3. I’m not an early morning runner (or any other exercise) at all! I find if I haven’t eaten and given my body time to wake up I run slower, lift less, and my mental game is not there. Right now I’m liking mid-morning on days off and evenings on work days.

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