Thinking Out Loud Thursday #65!

This afternoon my mom and I are heading south for a mini-vacation… just not together, haha. We are driving together until we hit Airdrie, staying at my Aunt’s house tonight, and then I am hiding in my Aunt’s suitcase and staying with her in Canmore for a night while my mom is heading to Lethbridge to watch my cousin play basketball. We are meeting back up and driving home together on Saturday night. It is going to be a super fun weekend! But first, some Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


  • I AM SO EXCITED TO HIKE. I have all day Friday and all day Saturday to get in some mountain time. I have a few ideas planned but will be checking all trail reports this morning before I officially decide where to hike. If anyone has any suggestions for a couple 4-7 hour moderate/difficult hikes that would be fantastic! I’m thinking of doing EEOR Friday then heading to Lake Louise to visit Peyto and Morraine lakes on Saturday.


  • I was in bed at 8:20pm on Tuesday night. It was embarrassing, but 100% necessary. Plus, I needed to kick off my June sleep goals with a wonderfully long sleep right?




  • I actually celebrated #GlobalRunningDay by hitting up the trails in Riverlot 56 for 7km of fun. It was hot and I was drenched when I was done! I actually ran at 11am because I slept in and went to a 9:30am yin yoga class first. It had been a bit since I’d been in this class and we did a ton of hip opening work and it was like the yoga teacher was reading exactly what my body needed!


  • Don’t you love snack plates? Whenever I’m home for lunch, and let’s face it – most dinners, I make a snack plate. Tofu spicy sausage with mustard, granny smith apple with peanut butter, some popcorn, and sparkling water. YUM.


  • When I have to explain to my parents why grad school takes so long…


I paid my final semester of tuition this week (for summer term) and it felt really really good. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I know that when timelines get pushed back and things don’t go according to the original plan it means that an awesome future opportunity for me just isn’t ready yet. 🙂

  • I like to theme my spin classes. I have done 80s night, famous movie songs, a trip through time (60s to now), boy bands, one hit wonders, and more… this week was “Around the World.” Each song had to have a city or country in it and it was super fun!

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 8.46.21 PM

  • I hit up the Edmonton River Valley for a post-school evening run before heading home for the day on Tuesday. It is like 5 blocks from my office but I had never run here. I forgot headphones so it was a quiet 5 miles along the North Saskatchewan River. Mountain lakes might be green and vibrant blue but this brown water… top notch.


I hope you are having a wonderful week, the week after a short holiday week always feels SO MUCH longer! I’ll be back tomorrow for Fitness Friday!

Any suggestions for hikes I should do in the Canmore area (Yes you Jo – I need you)?

Where is your current favourite place to run?

Did you celebrate Global Running Day?


  1. I’m so sad I’m going to miss you! I like your idea of visiting Peyto/Moraine/Lake Louise. I haven’t been yet this year and I’m dying to go!

    Have you done Lady MacDonald? It starts right in Canmore and will take you a good 5-6 hours. EEOR is a good idea too. Or Mount Lawrence Grassi.

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