WIAW: All of those breakfast photos.

Last week I challenged myself to get out of my breakfast rut and make something different for breakfast each day of the week. I normally make eggs and toast or eggs and avocado or eggs and cheese… and I was kind of tired of it. I go with eggs because they help me stay full all morning but they also get kind of boring. As I mentioned last week, I always seem to remember to take breakfast photos for WIAW but not the rest of the day so today we’re going with ALL OF THE BREAKFAST PHOTOS!


Monday: The usual, egg whites topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and sliced avocado. I cut up a big bowl of fruit and berries and ate half of it with breakfast and took the rest to work with my lunch.


Tuesday: Oatmeal, cooked with egg whites and flax seed, topped with blackberries, strawberries, chia seeds, chopped brazil nuts, and coconut. I added unsweetened almond milk after the photo.


Wednesday: Toast with peanut butter, banana, and macadamia nuts, as well as almond milk blended with a scoop of protein powder and ice.


Thursday: BREAKFAST TACOS. Those capital letters hopefully convey to you how excited I was to be eating breakfast tacos. I used two small whole wheat tortilla shells, scrambled an egg for each of them, a swipe of pesto, havarti cheese, and chopped tomatoes. I munched on some blueberries while I cooked the eggs because the runger was all too real.


Friday: The sweetest Jo gave me some FlapJacked protein pancake mix to try, and I was so excited to try them that I totally forgot to photograph it. I mean, you can probably guess what pancakes look like, but these ones were pretty thin and I topped them with peanut butter (obviously) and a bit of maple syrup.


They were pretty good and really filling! I have another couple packages of the apple cinnamon variety to try and I can’t wait! I liked trying something new for breakfast each day because it helped me get out of a breakfast rut. Now that it’s pretty warm every morning now I come home from my run craving something cold so this next week might just have to be breakfast smoothie week!

What is your go-to summer breakfast?

Have you tried Flap Jacked protein pancakes?

Do you have an awesome breakfast taco recipe for me to try?!


  1. I am impressed by your variety of breakfast recipes! Usually I get into the rut of making the same thing everyday! Haha. But lately I’ve been trying out a few different grain-free creations… egg whites, banana, cinnamon, flax, nut butter, berries. Simple but good and filling!

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