10 things about cycling 112km.

I thought about recapping my entire weekend but it was pretty chill. The only really noteworthy event was cycling 112km on Saturday. You read that right… 112km. My dad and I are somewhat “training” for the Tour de L’Alberta century ride (100 miles or 160km… but really the course is 169km). We decided to get a triple digit ride under our belts this weekend so we set out Saturday morning to hit 100km. So about cycling for over 4 hours…

  • 112km is a long way. We have a few routes around our house, trying to find good road shoulders, nice pavement, and light traffic, and this ride consisted of basically combining all of these routes into one giant loop. We had an option for two early exits on our loop in case we needed it but we stuck it out and rode the entire thing!
  • My dad will attest to the fact that I try and converse as much as possible on a long ride. We are almost always ride single file but in areas of super light traffic or really wide shoulders we could ride side-by-side and I like to talk to pass the time. I just get thinking about really random things so most times my dad would look over in bewilderment and say, “Where did THAT come from?”
  • We fueled well with oatmeal and fruit before we rode (and coffee, duh) and we had one bar about 70km in (chocolate almond fudge Clif bar whatsup) but we realized how different our training ride fueling is compared to the tour. We would definitely be eating more than ~250 calories on the 169km ride and towards the end our energy levels were shot.
  • ELECTROLYTES ARE GAME CHANGERS. I use to go with only water while cycling because after many running experiences where anything but water upset my stomach, I just didn’t want to bother. Now I use one bottle for water and one bottle for electrolytes (either Nuun or Ultima) and it makes SUCH a difference.
  • We were treated SO WELL on the roads. No one got mad at us for riding on the shoulders of some moderately busy highways and most people left us lots of room to ride and it was so nice. It’s sadly not always the case that a ride goes so smoothly so it was awesome to have people be so nice on the road!
  • My crotch was so sore by the end. I know, TMI, whatever. 4 hours of sitting on a bike seat, even one called “The Diva” and my butt hurt. That is one of the main reasons I’ve been trying to moderately train for this ride is because you really just have to get used to being seated on a road bike. There is only so much cycling shorts can do.
  • My bike made an annoying clicking sound for almost the entire ride. We think a bearing has to be replaced on my bike and the carbon frame just radiates the noise to make it sound loud. It is currently in the shop getting fixed up. I put 276km on it in 8 days this past week so it’s good it’s getting a little tune up.
  • 26.6… that was our speed in km/h. Not bad for a long ride. I’m sure my dad could have gone a bit faster without me because he’s hella fit when it comes to cycling.
  • I need to hill train apparently. Any little hill KILLED ME. I was dying getting up some of the hills, meanwhile my dad was at the top, stretching and grabbing some water, while waiting for me to finish the climb.
  • Oh my sunburn. I wore a tank top to get rid of the beginnings of a farmer’s tan and wound up being SO BURNT. Totally 100% my fault and I take full responsibility but man, it stings.


It was a really gorgeous day for such a long bike ride. We killed it and I’m so glad we were able to get that triple digit ride out of the way as a bit of a confidence booster for the upcoming 169km ride. I was basically a walking zombie for the rest of the day on Saturday but I didn’t have anything on my agenda so it worked out well. 😉

How was your weekend? What was your favourite part?


  1. Me+Hill Climbs=slow and sucky. My husband is the one always waiting for me. I’m trying to learn to mentally push through but it’s tough. I’m starting to try out NUUN flavors, which ones are your faves?

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