Adventure time… see ya Monday!

I admittedly became slightly stressed when I thought about the fact that I couldn’t write blog posts for the remainder of the week. It’s such a habit and part of my day that it felt weird that I wouldn’t be able to do that while I was on vacation, but I am deciding to welcome the break. I am packing up my car this morning, and hitting the road to the Icefields Parkway for four nights of camping. I’m staying at a “primitive” (<- Alberta Parks’ words, not mine) campground, with my tent, some good books, lots of fleece clothing, and me. On the weekend I’ll be meeting up with Jo (Living Mint Green) for a night or two, but to kick of my only holiday this summer, I’m going on my first solo camping trip.


Am I a teensy bit nervous about tent camping by myself? Yes.

Am I excited to challenge myself and grow as an independent adventure woman? Hell yes.


I am going to try and balance two things on my trip, adventure and relaxation. I have some potential hikes picked out to do during the day, as well as some lakes and waterfalls to visit. I have my running shoes, hiking boots, and bathing suit. However, I also hit up the library at the start of the week to grab some books to read, I have my journal packed, and I have my camera to try and take some time to work on capturing the magic of the beautiful places I’ll be traveling. I’m really excited, and don’t worry mom… I have a knife and bear spray too. 😉

Happy adventuring this weekend, I’ll catch you all up on my exploring next week!


  1. So impressed you are camping on your own! I’ve hiked many times on my own, and while it can be a little scary, it’s also so empowering and enjoyable! Have a fantastic time, look forward to hearing about your adventures.

    1. It’s equally nerve-wracking and exciting. It’s so empowering and I think it’s a great time for self reflection too!

  2. I think it’s awesome that you’re doing a solo trip! Such a good way to reflect and do you!

    Don’t forget coffee 🙂 Coffee/tea + a fold out chair + a good book = luxury! I can’t wait for your recaps on the blog! Stay safe and have the absolute best time!

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