Beer floats… my summer is complete.

On Saturday two things made me VERY happy. 1. Cycling 122.72km with my dad, at an average speed faster than the previous weekend, and killing it. 2. Trying my first ever beer float. We’ll start with the bike ride. I would first like to point out that I wore sunscreen, and lots of it. My lessons the past week in burning, pain, itching, and peeling have paid off. It’s come to my attention that I don’t actually tan really well, I just burn. My dad and I set out to hit about the same distance as last weekend, but naturally my competitive instincts kicked in and we had to beat our last weekend ride of 112km.


It was really cool to ride through the fields of canola and my dad stopped at one point and said, “Let’s take a photo of you cycling through the yellow fields.” Such a good Instragram dad. We rode for over four hours, conquering 122.72km, at an average speed of 27.7km/h. It was a beautiful ride with such gorgeous weather and hardly any wind. I brought a Clif bar and a bag of dried dates and two bottles of electrolytes with an extra water stop to fill up on the way. I felt well fueled until about 110km and I totally hit the wall but I knew I’d be okay because we were super close to home. BOOM. DONE. (Note: this is my dad’s arm and yes, he is tan AF)


When we got home I was craving a beer… and ice cream, and one of my work BFFs and I had talked about making beer floats this summer so I knew it was time to bust them out. I texted him and told him, “it’s time” and he knew exactly what I was talking about hahaha. I had to go pick up my car from the shop so my brother and I went to get ice cream, beer, and my car. YOU GUYS. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing these were.


I used a bottle of Richard’s Red for my float, my dad used Guinness, and my brother had a hard root beer. I drank it so fast because a) it was delicious, b) it was cold, and c) I needed to rehydrate. I think not ten minutes later, after not eating anything after the ride and then downing a beer float, I was slightly buzzed. We certainly earned these.


Look how hipster my brother is.


It was a solid weekend, another one that left me exhausted and happy. I ran 5 miles with my mom yesterday morning. I love that cycling doesn’t make me sore, more just tired overall, so it felt moderately good to shake out my legs with a run. I debated just walking because I woke up with my body feeling tired but after the first mile of the run I felt good. My dad went and cycled another 40km… *side eye emoji*

What did you get up to this weekend?

Have you ever tried a beer float?

What is crossed off YOUR summer bucket list?


  1. OMG Hard Root Beer floats. I must make one. I really want to make a float with Village Squeeze and Fiasco Squeeze gelato but I just drank my last beer. Oops. Will have to get more πŸ˜‰

  2. So I’ve never tried a beer float but now I’m side-eying the idea .. hmm .. very tempting / you 110% deserved that!

    Ps. Your dad is so frigging on the fitness scene! I’m beyond jealous! Awesome job on the 122! You’ll kill it on the 24th!

  3. Your Dad is SO FIT! I love how active your family is. Adopt me?
    I tried a Guiness float a while ago and didn’t like it. Mainly because there was one tiny spoonful of ice cream and too much beer. Yuck.
    I love the sounds of trying it with Rickards though!

    1. More ice cream would probably be better. You have to really need a meal for a Guinness float because they’re super filling!

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