Fitness Friday: Exercise at all times of the day!

Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe another weekend is here but thank goodness it is because it’s been a busy week and I need these two days to recover (or do another ridiculously long bike ride and complain how I didn’t use the weekend to recover.) Let’s take a look at my workouts from the week, which seemed to occur at any and all times of the day this week!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, July 8


I went for a walk and then called it quits after 30 minutes when it started hailing and lightning and thundering and I thought I might die. HAHA. 3pm

Saturday, July 9

112 KM road cycling (~27 km/h) (Recap HERE9am

45 minute evening walk 8pm

Sunday, July 10

60 minutes legs strength training 10am

35 minute evening walk 9:30pm

Monday, July 11

11.6 KM walking to and from work 9:30am

2300m freestyle swimming (~45 minutes) 10:30am

60 minute spin class (instructing7pm

I used THIS rock and roll playlist for Monday’s spin class and it was awesome. I know the spin crew now as most of them have been in my class before so it’s fun to get to push people beyond what they thought they could do and see them beam* with pride when the drill is done. (*the “beaming” may also have been copious amounts of sweat but it looked like pride to me).


Tuesday, July 12

5 mile run (9:02 min/mile) 4pm

30 minutes leisurely cycling to and from a staff BBQ 10pm

Wednesday, July 13

2500m freestyle swimming (~50 minutes) 10:30am

60 minute “Maximum Muscle” group fitness class 6pm

40 minute walk 7pm

This “Maximum Muscle” class at my gym is kind of a knock-off Body Pump. It was a sub instructor who I hadn’t seen before but she gave us a killer workout. We did a ton of core which is my biggest weakness so it was probably good for me but I hated every second of it. We also did a segment with THREE STRAIGHT MINUTES OF WEIGHTED CALF RAISES. Dear lord, the burn.

Thursday, July 14

60 minute spin class 6pm

60 minute evening walk 7:30pm

 As you can see I was fitnessing (<- don’t lie to me little red lines, that should be a word) at all times of the day. I started swimming before work a bit more and that meant that I hopped in the pool around 10:30am before my afternoon shifts. I did a lot more evening workouts so that I could get a extra hour or two of sleep but as it’s been pretty nice here lately that meant for some toasty workouts. The 5 mile run on Tuesday… yeah, I definitely was drenched in sweat and it was only 23 degrees.


I have almost the entire weekend off which means hopefully I can get in another fairly lengthy bike ride to gear up for the Tour De L’Alberta on the 24th. I am terrible at balancing running and cycling because my legs get so sore and I find myself having to choose one over the other… this week that was cycling. How triathletes do it, I’ll never know. I’d have to be carried through the run after finishing a swim and bike segment already.


What are your fitness plans for the weekend?

Any cyclists out there? Do you also run?

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  1. I forgot my Fitbit at home today and I actually feel so confused about my life right now. How am I going to know what I’m doing in the moment without my watch on? I want to become a cyclist. Except I’m afraid of riding around in Canmore on the road – hahaha!

    1. I would be afraid of tourist drivers in Canmore. I’m sure in the spring and fall it would be better but the trails in Canmore would be amazing by bike too!

  2. Wow. Deadly week of workouts – seriously! You’re killing it this summer! And high five to the 23C 5-miler … I have a 5-mile run scheduled for today and the 19C weather is deterring me. It’s been 11-12C here in NL all of July so I’m just not used to the heat. They’ve predicting that ‘Summer is Back’ starting today so we’ll see.

    Also, you have me inspired to do some free-style swimming next week. My knees are shot from pregnancy weight gain and I think it would be a good way to get some low-impact cardio in. I miss swimming.

    Anywho, enjoy your weekend and give yourself a little downtime!

    1. Thanks Victoria!! I’m glad you’re heading back to the pool – when I get back into it I’m reminded of how much I love it!

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