Search terms that led you to this blog #2.

When bloggers need a good laugh, they read the search terms that brought people to their blog. It’s honestly hilarious, not as funny as some spam comments, but pretty funny. I wrote THIS post a while ago with search terms that led people here, and I thought I’d write round two. Whatever random search led you here, I hope you stayed for the quality writing, excellent fitness advice, and incredible recipes… or, just, because it made you laugh once and you’re sticking around to see if it’ll happen again.


  • “Questions to ask my boyfriend.” I really doubt you found an answer to this on my blog. Did you two like run out of conversation or something and you needed to find some topics for discussion? I’m concerned. As I’m sure I have a ton of readers searching for my profound wisdom and relationship advice, I suggest you should ask him: a) whether he prefers waffles or pancakes, b) how he feels about the difference in rules between CFL and NFL, and c) if he is okay with car karaoke on road trips.
  • “Spinning routines for instructors “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins.” You came to the right place! I use that song in far too many of my spin classes and I love it. It’s an excellent sprint song so I tend to do sprint intervals because it has such a good beat.
  • “Today was my exam how was it.” I think this person was using Google Search as a diary maybe? I’m sorry sir/ma’am, I think you’re looking for Microsoft Word. Unless, you were trying to email your instructor? I hope it went well nevertheless!
  • “I am writing my new love.” Oh how cute! Um, good luck?
  • “Office selfie fun.” Y’all know I love a good office selfie. I’m really glad this search brought you here. Is “office selfie fun” a thing, because if it is I want to work for this office. I think I’m going to start an initiative at my work entitled “office selfie fun.”
  • “Can’t put my arms down.” How unfortunate! I think you should seek medical help in places other than a sarcastic somewhat-healthy running blog.
  • “How to contact a Canadian girl.” Yes, you’re definitely on the right track by searching “How to contact a Canadian girl.” Also, you found one…
  • “I got cold in bed.” Um. Grab a blanket.
  • “My brother has no time to talk to me.” UGH I FEEL YA. My brother has been in Europe for 7 weeks and while he apparently has time to call my parents, I don’t think I’ve talked to him more than 3 texts. I guess he’s off having fancy European adventures without consulting me. Rude.


In other news, I ran 4 miles after work yesterday. I did as much downhill as I could and then used the uphill as my cooldown walk. If you wanted to know what lazy running was… that is it. 😉 I had spin afterwards so I wasn’t worried about maximizing my effort on the run haha!

How was YOUR workout yesterday?


    1. Ugh some days I feel like I can just fly (maybe it was downhill at that point) and other days I can barely get my bike moving! 😛

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