Thinking Out Loud Thursday #70!

I would like to start by saying… MY BROTHER HAS RETURNED FROM EUROPE. I told many people I didn’t miss him but I think my overenthusiastic snaps and the fact that I saw his vehicle in the driveway as I was returning from my neighbour’s house and sprinted home prove that wrong. I definitely missed him and it was fun to hear his stories from his first time traveling abroad. Let’s dive into some Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


  • I am actually more jealous of the sick tan my brother has than his actual trip. He’s so dark so naturally it makes me look even more pale. I just don’t understand how people tan so fast!


  • My dad and I randomly found a geocache in EINP on Sunday and I have never actually tried geocaching before. I think I should try it because everyone who has told me about it has enjoyed it!


  • I tried the mint chocolate chip Oh Yeah! ONE protein bar this week and while it was good, it kind of just made me crave mint chocolate chip ice cream. It tastes like you’re eating a chocolate bar but it’s full of protein. It is a nice “treat” because I would rather eat real food, but it was sure delicious!


  • When I was cycling on Tuesday after work I did the same route my dad and I did on Saturday. Turns out I WAS drafting off of my dad because alone it felt a bit harder. It took me about 10 minutes longer to do the same route and my quads felt fried by the end. I felt like the first half was straight into wind gusts the whole time. I headed west and then north and that is typically where the wind comes from in Alberta so I knew the second half would be slightly easier.


But in reality when I stopped to check a clicking noise on my chain and grab some water the grass was barely moving. “I SWEAR IT WAS WINDY.”


  • I have officially written 1000 blog posts as of today. HOLY CRAP.


  • My coworkers literally had an intervention for me to talk about my self-timer running photos. Apparently it was a “hot topic of discussion” at work and people couldn’t figure out how I had so many photos of myself running when I have also mentioned that I run alone. MAGIC.


Just kidding. 10-second timers. BOOM.


That Shia Labeouf gif makes me laugh every time. Yesterday I was at the gym strength training and I was using a flat bench to do triceps dips and super setting it with seated shoulder press. When I did triceps dips I put my feet on the seated bench to make it a bit harder. I didn’t feel too bad about using two different types of benches because the gym was pretty empty but an old lady got mad at me. “AHEM, MOST PEOPLE ONLY USE ONE,” she said. Meanwhile, there were three empty benches that she could have used. Rude. Anyway, killed that upper body workout.

Have you gone geocaching before?

Have you tried the Oh Yeah! ONE bars? What’s your favourite flavour?

Have you ever had a run-in with someone at the gym?


  1. Confession: I totally had to Google what geocaching was, but it looks like fun! I might have to look into this a bit more. And I’m jealous of people who tan really easily as well. Both my parents are like that, but me? Not so much. I swear I’m adopted.

  2. I’ve actually never been geocaching before..

    Oh Yeah! – I bought the Birthday Cake flavour yesterday but haven’t tried it as of yet.

    And as for the gym incident, I’ve never had a run in with another person (though I was very irritated when I read your scenario) .. anyways, there is a guy at my gym who raps Eminem on the treadmill (EVERY TIME I SEE HIM) and raps to watch himself in the mirror. First it was funny, now it just irritates the hell out of me haha Anyways, there was this other girl who was watching him one night and as we were both running, he kept slamming his water bottle in the cup holder and smacking the treadmill while rapping. She walked over to him and kindly asked him if he could take it easy on the GoodLife equipment and he SNAPPED! I mean freaked out!!!! He challenged her to fight and said “Wacha go’na dew?” (with fists up). It was so bad that two men stepped in and the managers got involved and there was screaming and I couldn’t help but standby and stare. I was startled but I laughed a little. My god. haha Poor girl.

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I can’t even imagine what I would do. That’s insane! Clearly the exercise had yet to reduce his stress levels. 😛

  3. I always wonder about people when they just have to state out everything – it truly shouldn’t be a big deal when the gym is empty to use two benches (and plus had she really known that by using the two you were actually working harder). By all means say something when the gym is at peak time and you are waiting for a bench!! I guess just file that under the weirdo file!

  4. I’ve never tried geocaching but I’ve always wanted to! I think it’s something that would be really fun once Sully is older too. I’ve never tried a ONE bar, but I love anything chocolate chip mint!

  5. Ah hahaha your posts always make me smile. You radiate good vibes THROUGH THE INTERNET, Kris!

    So what do you think of these protein bars? Do you like them more than Quest? I have to agree, they’re quite “desserty”.

    1. I think I like them about the same. I’m not sure about the icing/chocolate dip sweetness of them and I might like Quest more because of that. They’re both decent as a “treat/dessert/on-the-go/sugar craving” type bar for sure!

  6. I’ve never went geocaching but I really want to try it! Sounds like a fun date idea actually!!

    I get comments about self timer photos too. I always say the forest gnomes take them for me. Those gnomes are the best.

    1. Haha, it was hilarious, so many people were confused and I said “in the blogger/social media world this is a normal thing I swear!”

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