Fitness Friday: Jasper, Walking, and more.

Welcome back to Fitness Friday! This week has been pretty busy (okay, I should stop saying that because who isn’t busy) but I managed to get in some good workouts and lots of de-stressing time in the form of a trail run. I am totally breaking out and craving sugar right now which are two big signs of stress for me as well as not being able to fall asleep in my usual 0.2 seconds. I’m hoping that with a few things being checked off my to-do list I’ll stop the stress signs but I also know that I have conscious control of my diet and skin care and time I turn off my light so it’s about 80% my fault. πŸ˜‰ I’m looking forward to getting into my new place where I can establish a new routine and find a new gym!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, August 19

Sulphur Skyline hike, Jasper, 8km, 723m elevation gain


Saturday, August 20

90 minutes wandering Maligne Canyon; ~8km


Sunday, August 21

5.0 mile walk with my mom

7.2 miles walking to and from work

Monday, August 22

60 minute spin class (instructing)

30 minute walk… literally just so I could hit 10,000 steps

Tuesday, August 23

4.0 mile run (8:59 min/mile)

Wednesday, August 24

5.0 mile trail run at Chickakoo Lake (~11 min/mile… HILLS)

7.2 miles walking to and from work


Thursday, August 25

60 minute spin class (instructing)

The GoodLife in my new neighbourhood isn’t opening until the end of October so I’m looking at my options for a gym for the first two months. I will either forego the gym and try and do more at-home workouts and runs and such, but I know that means I will probably skip more than I would with a gym… oooooor I try something different like a month or two doing yoga or crossfit. It’s too expensive to do multiple things (i.e. yoga, and crossfit, and rock climbing, etc.) so I think I’ll have to pick one and stick with it. There’s also a gym close to my work but not close to home. Ugh. The struggle. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Have a fantastic weekend lovelies!

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  1. Hey Kris

    Teck and I wandered around the Maligne Canyon Trail when we were in Jasper last year. What a beautiful walk.
    Good luck in you knew job and your first apartment. What an exciting time for you….and your parents! LOL Now I don’t have to kick Stuart out of his bedroom when I come to visit! :o)

  2. Awesome work on the weekly fitness and my goddddd, PLEASE do Crossfit! I’ll put money on you being hooked after one class (serious mode here)! πŸ™‚ <–that's if you haven't done CF before .. I shouldn't assume that you haven't haha

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