Fitness Friday: The one where tabata kicked my ass.

I think I have watched FRIENDS too much because I always have to stop myself from titling all of my blog posts, “the one with…” like the episodes of Friends are titled. This week was kind of a “meh” fitness week, and I’m kind of tired of feeling that way but I think it’s the amount happening in my life right now that is killing my motivation to work out. To give you an idea, I currently have 10 tabs open on my computer right now including: EPCOR, Direct Energy, IKEA, AB government benefits package, spin drill ideas, The Brick, inLinkz, my blog, RBC Online banking, and UAlberta graduation applications. My brain is ready to explode but I have officially signed the lease for my apartment and will be moving in less than two weeks so it’s more excitement than anything!


Getting back to fitness, I find myself struggling to remember what I did for movement this week so I’m very thankful for my FitBit app that keeps a meticulous record of my activity. I am heading to Jasper this morning so hopefully next week’s recap will be more thrilling, but here is how I moved my body this week.

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, August 12

4.2 mile run (8:59 min/mile)

Saturday, August 13

63km cycling with my dad (26.7 km/h)

Sunday, August 14

8.0 mile run (9:07 min/mile)

Monday, August 15

60 minute spin class (instructing)

Tuesday, August 16

OFF… well, a 30 minute walk

Wednesday, August 17

60 minute Tabata class

7.2 miles walking to and from work

Thursday, August 18

60 minute spin class (instructing)

60 minute walk


Okay, looking back, I guess I was decently active, at least getting moving somehow each day, but I think it’s because my brain is in a fog and stressed right now so my body feels that way too. I also tend to have an “all-or-nothing” mindset so now that I know I’m moving to a new gym and starting a new job with new walking routes and completely switching up my life routines as of early September, I feel like I’m almost waiting to get into my new routine and mailing it in until then. Which is silly… and I know that… but it’s a total mind game.


I want to point out the Tabata class I did on Wednesday. YOU GUYS. First of all, I love this instructor so much so any chance I get to go to her classes, I take it. She is amazing, the kind of instructor you love to hate and hate that you love. We did 32 minutes of tabata, as well as a warm-up, cool down, and 10 minutes of abs. Those 32 minutes were INTENSE. It was the kind of workout that made you want to quit but you also wanted to push yourself as hard as you could. I loved it. I was also extremely sore the next day. I couldn’t laugh because my abs hurt, I couldn’t pee because my quads hurt to sit down, I couldn’t get up stairs because my glutes hurt. I’m amazed I even made it to the gym the next day let alone taught a spin class. I have missed that “hurts so good” feeling.

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    1. I know right, I’m always like, “If only you could meet my mom, she’s awesome.” I am planning to accomplish a lot of packing on Thursday and Friday so I can come Friday night for the Saturday hike!

  1. Your workout week looks very active to me. But I know what you mean, sometimes you’re just so stressed you don’t even feel like yourself. I’m glad you found an apartment. Now just relax a bit in Jasper this weekend before the big move

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