My blog has grown in three years, but so have I.

I started reading Hungry Runner Girl’s blog about 4 years ago. I was just getting into running and fitness and she was (and still is) one of the most read blogs out there. I decided to start my own blog, not because I have a particularly interesting story to tell, but because I think everyone deserves to share their life. My blog started with one reader (Hi Mom!) and has grown to hundreds of readers, but looking back I think I’ve grown more than my blog.

I like seeing crazy cool blogger’s lives… so why not make my own?

I read other blogs about adventurous, wicked strong, and independent women doing incredible things and building envious lives and then I thought, “There’s no reason my life story can’t be the same.” I can do cool shit, be strong and healthy, live my life as I want, and I don’t have to just read about it behind a computer screen. I saw Instagram photos of people trail running and thought, “Hm, guess I could try that.” I see amazing photographs of kayaking and I think, just go do it. I’ve become a more adventurous, less rigid adventurer and it’s awesome.


Pour your heart into it, but yeah, it’s scary. 

Some blog posts are light, airy, funny, silly, and plain fun. I like divulging silly facts about me, talking about my love of peanut butter, sharing my spin playlists, talking about my workouts and daily happenings. Other posts are deep, sometimes taking me hours to write and edit, and even longer to press the “publish” button. The posts that are the hardest to publish are the ones that contain my heart. It’s super scary, as all bloggers and writers know, to put yourself out there, but it can be so rewarding. I love reading other blogs that are full of passion and emotion and soul… those are the bloggers worth reading. I have developed more as a writer than anything by writing daily blog posts. My school research supervisor had a hard time with “my style of writing” which was a lot more descriptive than most scientific articles she’s used to, because I have developed said style from blogging. This “style” added a week or two to editing my thesis but I think it has helped my overall writing ability by being a blogger.

Goals have always been important to me, but now I have the internet to keep me accountable. 

I have grown into someone who is able to set realistic and attainable goals that are important to me and who I want to be as a person. We did a goal setting exercise at a recent staff meeting and I whipped up super specific and relevant goals with ease because I take time to do it in my personal life. Blogging has helped me stay accountable for my goals because I have blog readers and fellow bloggers that help inspire me and keep me on track. I love it.


Reading blogs is a good way to get to know a person. *gasp*

Of the blogs I read and the times I have met the people behind the blogs, you can tell a LOT about a person behind the blog by reading it. I know… shocker. For example, Jo (Living Mint Green) is an intuitive, kind, passionate person, just as you can tell by her blog. Yes, she looks just as adorable and colourful frolicking through the mountains as you see on her Instagram. Kaella (Kaella on the Run) is the sweetest and hardest working lady I know. Sometimes I don’t know how I’m perceived on my blog but hopefully it’s accurate to me as a person. I’m sarcastic, smile a lot, and am hopefully a fairly positive person. Let’s meet if we haven’t already! Having a blog allows me to reflect on how I’m perceived, the kind of person I want to be, and how I want to write. It’s not about having others like me, it’s about wanting to like myself and the person I am putting out there in this world.

I have learned a lot and grown a lot as a person and as a blogger. It makes me laugh to reread posts from my first few months of blogging and I’m sure I’ll look back on posts from this year and laugh too. Blogging is fun, thank YOU for being a part of mine. 🙂 Cheers to three more (and more) years of blogging!


  1. I love you friend! Thanks for the love. You ARE one of the coolest, sweetest, inspiring people I know. I love your passion for adventure. I am so happy you started this blog and we were able to meet because I know my life has changed because of you.

  2. Blogging is definitely one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Not only as a creative outlet, but a way to meet some of the best gals I know today and a way of connecting people with things (and other people) that I’m passionate about. Some people don’t get it, but that’s ok. We’ll just keep being awesome in our little space on the internet. Glad I’ve got to know you through this crazy fun world!

  3. “Internet Kris” is most definitely reflects “Real Life Kris”. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and observing your journey over the past year or so! I’m grateful for our cyber friendship turned real life friendship.

    Hiking Cascade MTN on Saturday if you’re down! 😉

  4. I loved reading this post, congrats on 3 years! I’ve just gotten back into blogging but when I used to blog a few years ago it led me to so many fantastic people and I am grateful for the daily inspiration I get reading others blogs. Blogging has also really encouraged me to be more adventurous and try new things.

  5. Blogging has helped me grow as well! Mature? Maybe not? Realize that I don’t have to censor myself because my blog is my space = YES! 😉

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